Scion Presents: Adrenalina – Upcoming Episode Sneak Peek

Check out this sneak peak of an upcoming episode of SiTV’s Adrenalina, where you can see hosts Zalman and Pablo driving modified Scions with Scion Racing team drivers.

Here’s the line up:

  • Crawford Performance tCs – Zalman and Pablo go heads up against Ariel Crawford and Michele Abatate of Crawford- RWD xB.
  • Drifting with Ken Gushi in this modified xB against Ken’s AE86- Rally xD.
  • World Racing Drag tC drag race against Chris Rado.
  • Scott Kelley xB – Zalman and Pablo drag race against Scott Kelley.

Adrenalina is a English/Spanish show produced by SiTV. The show features two hosts, Zalman and Pablo who travel around the world trying out new and extreme sports. For more information, visit

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