Scion College Rebate Rally on The Onion for iPad

Scion College Rebate Rally iPad GameScion is pleased to announce that the Scion College Rebate Rally, a new interactive in-app game, has debuted within the new June iPad edition of The Onion.  The game appears in between articles and, when activated, allows players to launch cartoon versions of Scion cars at four targets in three increasingly difficult levels.  Points are awarded for destroying the level’s targets and other items, and for completing levels using fewer Scions.

“Our College Graduate Rebate Program allows qualifying graduates to get a $1,000 rebate towards the purchase or lease of a new Scion,” said Jack Hollis, Vice President Scion. “The Onion is an extremely popular source of entertainment for our target audience, and engaging them with an immersive experience that closely aligns with The Onion’s tone and character was very important.”

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