The Scion FR-S Interactive Brochure

A 200 horsepower boxer engine and a 6-speed transmission make the Scion FR-S at home on a track, but how does it fare in the city? Scion A/V, in collaboration with director Ken Fox, put together a unique look at the FR-S out on the streets of Los Angeles in the Scion FR-S Interactive Brochure. Through a series of short films, we get a rare look at the FR-S’ detailed styling and inspired performance seamlessly blending into the urban night.

Each film in the Scion FR-S Interactive Brochure was created with contributions from a Scion A/V artist, a list that includes Luis Salcedo, Amun Levy, SIT, Jason Stang, and Alejandro Hernandez. Music for the films is provided by LOL Boys, Pools, Trolley Snatcha, Boris, and Analogue Monsta.

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