What’s Featured at Scion: Five Axis tC Concept, Jon Sibal iQ, and GReddy xB

Five Axis Scion tC Jon Sibal iQ GReddy xB

We’ve got three new cars built by a few of our friends in front of our building for this week’s edition of What’s Featured at Scion – the red Scion tC2 concept car by Five Axis, Jon Sibal’s 2011 Scion Tuner Challenge iQ, and GReddy’s Scion xB from the 2007 SEMA Show!

Five Axis Scion tC

The Scion tC2 concept car was unveiled at the 2010 New York International Auto Show, to coincide with the launch of the second generation Scion tC. Featuring a four-inch wide-body conversion and a special coat of red paint supplied by the House of Color, the Five Axis tC was built to showcase the car’s endless customization possibilities.

Jon Sibal iQ RX

Jon Sibal’s Scion iQ RX took home 1st place at the 2011 Scion Tuner Challenge, earning top scores from the judges based on its body work, paint, audio/visual components, and overall execution. The iQ RX showcased the car’s deceptively large interior, by fitting a 32” flat screen TV with a motorized mounting system in its trunk.

GReddy Scion xB

Finally, GReddy’s 2007 SEMA Show Scion xB combined unique styling with some of GReddy’s signature performance parts. The body of the car remains largely stock, though it includes a blue stripe comprised of images from GReddy’s catalog and a body kit from Five:AD. Where the real modifications were made to the car took place under the hood, as a turbocharger boosted the Scion xB’s stock 2.4 liter engine to approximately 250 horsepower.

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