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Scion Art Tour 2004/2005

Originally from North Carolina, this 28-year old artist uses his extensive music knowledge to infuse multiple styles into his design work. After publishing his first cartoon at the age of 16, Fuse moved to Atlanta to further his artistic career. While in Atlanta, Fuse worked on marketing campaigns for Coca-Cola, Sprite and Minute Maid. Fuse also contributed his design work to projects by KRS One and Public Enemy while developing his own independent apparel brand entitled Wheatbread. In 1998, Fuse helped develop the design aesthetic for Frank 151 with Stephen Malbon. In 2000, Fuse left the South and moved to New York to become the new art director at Ecko. Fuse also contributed heavily to the t-shirt designs of PNB Nation. His other credentials include published illustrations in The Source, Wax Poetics and a recent Mos Def 12 inch. In his spare time, Fuse spins weekly sets at various clubs in New York City, fusing moving illustrations during his DJ set.

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