Driven to Drift Episode 5 – Evergreen Speedway 08 September 2011, 8:48 pm

In the latest installment of the Scion Racing series Driven to Drift, RS*R team driver Ken Gushi and Need for Speed’s Fredric Aasbo take their Scion tCs to Monroe, Washington’s Evergreen Speedway to compete in Formula Drift, Seattle.

Drift veteren Ken Gushi reflects on the excitement he continues to experience with the rapid growth of Formula Drift motorsports. Scion newcomer Fredric Aasbo enjoyed the familiarity and nostalgia provided by Seattle’s Norwegian-like climate and scenery, which bolstered an impressive performance that secured Aasbo the 3rd place spot, his first podium finish of the season, in front of the sellout Seattle crowd.

Fredric flew a Norwegian flag on the rear of his tC in honor of those who tragically lost their lives in the Olso, Norway shootings earlier this summer.

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