GReddy Takes the Top Spot at Auto Club Speedway 17 June 2011, 12:01 am

Takeshi Aizawa looked solid behind the wheel of the #11 Scion tC in Fontana, CA, as he led his team to victory in round 3 of the Redline Time Attack Series.

Kenji Sumino, President of GReddy Racing, starts off the race’s recap video describing the origins of drivers including custom modifications in their vehicles and how this interest led to the creation of GReddy USA. They are proud of that tradition and tout the fact they are a company of racing enthusiasts.

Plannning Manager Mike Chung explains their development relationship with Scion and the decision to compete in Redline Time Attack Street Tire Class in order develop cars that highlight the company’s strengths and abilities while also making the products accessible for customers.

Watch the video for the interviews and some thrilling race footage, and check back here to see the tC’s progress throughout the series!

GReddy Scion tC Turbo Wins Street FWD – 2011 Redline Time Attack Auto Club Speedway

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