Scion Racing 2011 Recap 01 January 2012, 7:00 am

As 2011 comes to a close, we at Scion Racing would like to take a moment to reflect on this year’s events. Our various racing teams are comprised of a variety of skilled drivers and professionals. We are very proud of the organizations and individuals who compete under the Scion marque, as they consistently deliver an engaging, inspirational performance with the utmost level of sportsmanship and determination. Hats off to all those competing in our Racing efforts; you continuously make the Scion Racing organization proud.


Formula Drift – RS*R/NFS

It’s tough to see a beloved driver leave your organization, as Superstar Tanner Foust’s departure from Formula Drift illustrated to Scion Racing. Fortunately, we could not have asked for a better replacement than 2010 Rookie of the Year Fredric Aasbo. Aasbo drives a new 2011 Scion tC, sponsored by Need For Speed and powered by the new, extensively tuned 4 cyl. engine in place of the V8. Aasbo’s modest persona and relentless driving style are a perfect fit for Scion Racing. Aasbo’s first season in the tC was full of thrills and spills, the high point being a thrilling 3rd place finish at Monroe, WA’s Evergreen Speedway. He earned a respectable 12th overall finish in the Series.

Beloved Scion RS*R driver Ken Gushi returned in his 2010 tC this year. Ken is always a thrill to watch, and a season full of stiff competition did not take away from the energy Ken brings to the team. A 14th place finish overall on the season, up one spot from last year, was not without due congratulations, but his defeat of season champion Dai Yoshihara at the Irwindale final showed the true star quality we love to see from Ken year after year.

World Racing

The WORLD Racing team, a top competitor in the NASA Series and Global Time Attack, is one of the hardest-working development teams in the sport, and their results are proof. WORLD debuted the new AWD tC FWing 2.0, a custom tC package developed using the knowledge and experience they gained from the original FWing 1.0, which set multiple track records around the country.

Owner and Driver Chris Rado continues to provide a solid source of leadership on and off the track.


Crawford Performance

Crawford Performance developed a brand new Scion racing team for 2011, competing in the NASA Pro Racing Series. Drivers Ariel Crawford (daughter of founder Quirt Crawford) and Michele Abbate compete for the team in matching 2011 Scion tCs. The young female pair is already a major force in the series and show a lot of promise for the future. Michele finished the season as 2nd in class and Ariel finished in 3rd, proving their limited professional experience is no issue.


GReddy Racing

Long-time import tuner GReddy began competing in the Redline Time Attack Series this year in an all-new 2011 Scion tC. GReddy was one of the first tuners to outfit the 2nd generation tC with a turbo set up and their tC with additional modifications puts out more than 400hp! The team, led by driver Takeshi Aizawa, proved their racing and tuning skills as they grabbed the 1st place spot in the Redline Time Attack FWD Street Tire Class this year at the Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, CA.


Sparco Rally xD

The Sparco Rally xD team entered into its third year of competition in the Rally America Series, championed by team manager Gordon Ting. The team said goodbye to driver Chris Dupliess after only one race this season, but they were thrilled to replace him with experienced rally driver Andrew Comrie-Picard. ‘ACP’, as he’s known by fans, warmed up quickly to the new car (and recently added GReddy turbo kit) and took the top place on the podium in just his second event of the season – the 2011 Oregon Trail Rally!


Kelley Racing

Second-generation drag racer Scott Kelley represents Kelley Racing in the NHRA Super Stock/BOTI Pro Stock divisions his 2010 Scion xB. Scion Racing partnered with Kelley last year, and the “Bullet” Scion xB proves to be quite a machine, helping Scott to land 1st place at two IDRC events in the All Motor Class this year. Scion Racing is thrilled to be working with one of the premier drivers on the NHRA circuit, and Scott returns the sentiment with his strong performance and active support of Scion Racing.



DG-Spec  has done amazing things in the global road racing arena for Scion Racing. Making a return to endurance racing this year, DG-Spec and driver Dan Gardner continued to solidify their place as one of the absolute top road racing teams, grabbing three 1st place finishes and two other podiums in the E1 class of the Western Endurance Racing Championship (WERC). The season wrapped with a bittersweet showing at the monumental 25 Hours of Thunderhill endurance race, where the team held a commanding lead for much of the race until a catastrophic engine failure set them back to a still-respectable 3rd place finish.


See you in 2012!

There are a lot of exciting changes in store for the 2012 Scion Racing season. Stay tuned as new teams, new drivers, and new cars take the North American race circuits by storm. ACP and the Sparco Rally xD team will be starting the season off strong at the Sno*Drift Rally in Atlanta, Michigan January 27 and 28. See you there!


2011 Scion Racing Achievements:



o 3rd Place – Formula Drift Round 5 – Seattle, WA – Team Need For Speed, Fredric Aasbo

o 1st Place – Formula Drift, Qatar Global Challenge – Papadakis Racing, Tanner Foust


World Racing

o Track Record (FWD Unlimited Class) – Infineon Raceway – WORLD Racing, Chris Rado

o Track Record (FWD Unlimited Class) – Buttonwillow Raceway – WORLD Racing, Chris Rado

o Track Record (FWD) – New Jersey Motorsports Park – WORLD Racing, Chris Rado

o Track Record (FWD Unlimited) – Miller Motorsports Park – WORLD Racing, Chris Rado

Crawford Performance

o 1st Place – NASA Time Trials – Buttonwillow Raceway – Crawford Performance, Michele Abbate

o 2nd Place – NASA Time Trials – Buttonwillow Raceway – Crawford Performance, Ariel Crawford

o 2nd Place – NASA Time Trials – Buttonwillow Raceway – Crawford Performance, Michele Abbate


GReddy Racing

o 1st Place – Redline Time Attack (FWD Street Class) – Auto Club Speedway – GReddy Racing, Takeshi Aizawa

Rally xD

o 2nd Place (2WD Class) – Rally America, New England Forest Rally – Sparco Rally xD, Andrew Comrie-Picard

o 2nd Place (2WD Class) – Rally America, Sn*Drift 2011 – Sparco Rally xD, Chris Duplessis

o 1st Place (2WD Class) – Rally America, Oregon Trail Rally – Sparco Rally xD, Andrew Comrie-Picard

Kelley Racing

o 1st Place (All Motor Class) – IDRC Finals – Fontana, CA – Kelley Racing, Scott Kelley

o 1st Place (All Motor Class) – IDRC Nationals, Auto Club Speedway – Kelley Racing, Scott Kelley


o 1st Place (E1 Class) – Western Endurance Racing Championship – Buttonwillow Raceway – DG-Spec, Dan Gardner

o 1st Place (E1 Class) – Western Endurance Racing Championship – Buttonwillow 3 Hr. Enduro – DG-Spec, Dan Gardner

o 2nd Place (E1 Class) – Western Endurance Racing Championship – Thunderhill Raceway – DG-Spec, Dan Gardner

o 1st Place (E1 Class) – Western Endurance Racing Championship – Buttonwillow Raceway – DG-Spec, Dan Gardner

o 3rd Place (E1 Class) – Western Endurance Racing Championship – 25 Hours of Thunderhill – DG-Spec, Dan Gardner

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