Robert Stout and the Lucas Oil/KSR Scion FR-S at the Streets of Long Beach 22 April 2013, 3:48 pm


Robert Stout and the Ken Stout Racing team made their way to the Streets of Long Beach last weekend for the 3rd Round of the Pirelli World Challenge Championships. The supercharger they’re developing in conjunction with TRD is still in its testing phases, but the results they’ve pulled in the Lucas Oil/KSR Scion FR-S look more and more promising with each successive event.

The KSR team has just under a month off between now and their next race, which takes place May 17th at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas. In the meantime, they’ll be in their home garage getting the car fine-tuned for the rest of the World Challenge season. Check out some of the photos we captured of the team at Long Beach in the gallery above, and head over to Robert Stout’s site for all the latest news and info on his team.

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