Rally America Round 7 – Lake Superior Performance Rally Recap 22 October 2013, 11:30 am

Rally America Rally xD

Few teams have the ability to put together a car capable of making it through a full Rally America season, and even fewer have a driver/co-driver team skilled enough to see such an effort through to the end. Andrew Comrie-Picard, Jeremy Wimpey, and the Scion Racing Rally xD team placed themselves in an elite class by doing exactly that, capping off their remarkable year with a 2nd place finish at the Lake Superior Performance Rally, and earning 2nd  in the Rally America 2WD Championship.

Rally America Rally xD

The team started off the weekend by throwing down solid practice runs through the course, taking notes on which areas could be problematic and where ACP would have a green light to go full throttle. With the team set to take on the event, they headed into tech inspection where the Scion Racing Rally xD passed with flying colors.

Rally America Rally xD

Going into Day 1 of the race, ACP and the Scion Racing Rally xD were locked in a tight battle for 1st place in the 2WD class. After Stage 1, the team held a slim three second lead, which they managed to hold onto through Stage 6. Though the team pushed hard, the rough trails eventually caused them to fall back as the day closed, with a 13.4 second gap to make up.

Rally America Rally xD

Though ACP and the Rally xD team continue to press hard during the opening stages of Day 2, issues with the car’s turbocharger began to arise. During the first stage of the day, the car began cutting out when they went wide open throttle, preventing them from getting all they could out of the car. The second stage of Day 2 presented an even bigger obstacle, as a turbo hose was blown off giving the car insufficient boost.

Rally America Rally xD

The service break allowed the team to get the Scion Racing Rally xD repaired and back in order to finish the race strong. ACP and Jeremy Wimpey charged ahead, even regaining a slight hold on the top spot near the end of the rally.  Though their competing cars eventually closed the gap, the team was able to finish strong and come out with a podium for the event.

Rally America Rally xD

By earning 2nd Place at the Lake Superior Performance Rally, the Rally xD team became the only team this year to finish every single race on the calendar with a podium to their name. The 2013 Rally America season has been the best yet for the partnership between ACP and the Rally xD team, and has laid a firm and solid groundwork for their future success. With one more year of experience working together, they look like a lock to take home the 2WD Championship next season.

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