Robert Stout and the 800 Loan Mart KSR Scion FR-S at the Houston Grand Prix 15 November 2013, 1:52 pm

Houston Grand Prix Scion Racing

The 2013 Pirelli World Challenge Championships have been a rollercoaster ride for Robert Stout and the KSR team, but they’ve been able to use it as a way to grow as competitors in the series. In spite of the mechanical troubles they faced with the 800 Loan Mart KSR Scion FR-S at the Houston Grand Prix, the team came out of the race with their heads up, ready to get the car prepped for a championship run next season.

No team in the series has worked harder than the KSR team has to improve their car, and they’ll be a sure bet to disrupt the standings next year. Check out the video to see Robert Stout and the team take on the Houston GP.

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