Quick Tips:

  1. Use under normal lighting conditions. Direct or bright lights can create glares, which affect marker detection. Darkly lit rooms do not allow enough light for marker detection.

  2. Ensure you are the correct distance from your webcam. If your marker is too far away or too close it can be hard to detect.

  3. Make sure your marker is not bent, wrinkled or folded. Markers with creases and wrinkles can affect detection.

  4. Avoid tilting the marker out of the view of your camera. Partially visible markers cannot be detected.

  5. If you are still experiencing any issues with detection, please restart the game or try playing the game in keyboard mode.


Page Recognition

Question: How far should the Marker (page) be from the web cam?
Answer: The marker should be held about 12-24 inches away from the web cam. For optimal use, line up your marker with the ghosted image on the screen.

Question: I’m holding the Marker 12 -24 inches away from the camera but am not seeing the game.
Answer: First, make sure you are in a well lit room. Next make sure that you hold the marker flat so that the ad is in full view.

Web Cam Trouble Shooting

Question: My webcam does not appear to be compatible with the game even after I allow flash access.
Answer: Make sure your web camera is plugged in and installed correctly.

Next, on the game screen, toggle between the different camera options. One of these camera options should enable your camera and allow the game to start.

Clicking on the “Camera 1” button at the bottom of this screen will allow you to cycle through various camera options. Sometimes your camera default is setup as Camera 2 or 3. If troubleshooting doesn’t solve the problem, you always have the option to restart in keyboard mode.

Question: My camera lighting seems too dark/light
Answer: Most cameras use light sensors that adjust based on the background environment. Turning off this automatic setting control may resolve the issue.

System Requirements

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