The Scion FR-S in Make Every Second Count: Life, Camera, Action

Levi Maestro found his passion for filmmaking through his early interest in skateboarding. By filming his friends doing tricks, he developed the skills he needed to create his webseries, Maestro Knows. Though we’ve long been acquainted with Levi through works such as the Scion AV MKUSA Tour and the upcoming Here I Am, There I Go showcase, director Doug Pray gave us an inside look at how Levi uses the Scion FR-S to turn his show into reality in Make Every Second Count: Life, Camera, Action.

Based in Los Angeles, Maestro Knows is a documentary-styled series that follows the lives of Levi and his Friends.  While the show gives Levi an outlet through which he can express both himself and his creativity, it also serves as his way of highlighting the importance of the people in his life.

According to Levi, “In life, we’re really good at celebrating people once they’ve passed. Someone passes away and all of a sudden we have so much great stuff to say about them.” With his work on Maestro Knows, Levi Makes Every Second Count by using the show to “celebrate people now.”

Catch Levi’s in Make Every Second Count: Life, Camera Action in the video below, and find episodes of Maestro Knows, at the following link.


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