The Scion tC in Make Every Second Count: Life of Music

After discovering a talent for music at an early age, Travis Hayes Busse made the decision to do what it takes to make it his career. We’ve seen the success he’s found as a music promoter first hand, having spoken at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference, but director Doug Pray helped show us how he uses a Scion tC to help others follow their passion in the short film, Make Every Second Count: Life of Music.

Travis got his start by simply picking up a guitar and seeing what he was capable of doing with it. Being encouraged by his dad to share his music with others led Travis down a path that snowballed into the career he has today. While it’s a 24/7 job that requires lots of work even during his time off, it’s also a job that pays off in a few less apparent ways.

Moving from venue to venue and taking in new bands gives Travis the opportunity to give them something that the industry gave him – a chance to make it. According to Travis, “I’m the kind of guy that will listen to single demo, CD, tape, or record that comes in, just because someone took the time to send that in.” By helping others Make Every Second Count, he gets the chance to serve as an ambassador for the same music industry that’s made him one of its own.

Make Every Second Count: Life of Music is available for viewing below, and you can find out more about Travis’ music at the following link.


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