Behind the Scenes of the new Scion Epic FR-S Commercial

Earlier this week we introduced the 2014 Scion FR-S “Makes Everything Epic” commercial which we think accurately showcases the experience of driving an FR-S. Today, we’re bringing you behind the scenes for an inside look into the filming process of filming the new spot.

To begin the day, the entire crew headed to the “set” on the streets of Los Angeles for a full day of filming. As usual, the team was out there early to prepare the equipment, cameras, and lighting for the shoot.

Keeping up with the FR-S isn’t easy thanks to its athletic chassis, so to film it moving down the street, we employed a special pursuit vehicle, fully equipped with cameras and monitors that give the director an immediate look at how the image is being framed.

The feed from the camera on the pursuit vehicle also provided a live feed of the action back to base camp, where the rest of the crew had the chance to look in on the action.

In the midst of filming, we had a quick moment to get a close up look at the FR-S. We like to think that the FR-S is one of the most photogenic cars on the market today, but being next to the car in person brings out its subtle character lines that you don’t always get captured in photos.

Storyboarding is an important part of any commercial we film. In addition to helping the crew stay on track, it’s also critical to driving the narrative of any spot, turning it into something that’s truly epic.

We had a couple of special guests on set to make sure this commercial was as Epic as the FR-S, including a flight of doves which you’ll see in the explosion scenes towards the end of the spot.

The trainer of the doves also brought a tiger along as part of its training to get it acclimated to people, although it unfortunately didn’t end up making it into the final cut. (No animals were harmed in the filming of this commercial)

While we were busy attending to the animals the crew turned the FR-S itself into a makeshift camera car. The camera was remote controlled, giving the director the ability to adjust the shot as needed, without having to position a separate pursuit vehicle dangerously close to a rolling FR-S

With everything set up, the FR-S had the chance to show off some of its agility on the street.

Meanwhile at another location in LA, the crew began setting up the backdrop for the explosive finale at the end of the spot.

There’s not much out there that’s as Epic as the Scion FR-S, though this explosion probably comes close. After all the hard work, we were pleased with the way the commercial turned out and hope you agree. If you haven’t already watched it, be sure to check it out below!


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