Behind the Scenes of the Scion 10 Series

The process of getting the Scion 10 Series cars ready for the New York International Auto Show was largely similar to what we covered for the 2014 Scion tC, save for the fact that we had five times the amount of cars to shoot. Consequently, with a much heavier workload scheduled for the Scion 10 Series, we began unloading the cars into the studio before we even had the chance to wrap up work on the 2014 tC.

Though the Scion iQ is the smallest car in the lineup, it was given an entire set to itself for our first Scion 10 Series photography session. Lighting and bounce boards were set up around the car to ensure its features would be properly captured from any angle.

Among the new features in the Scion 10 Series iQ is a set of alloy wheels with a graphite finish. For the full list, be sure to check out either our previous post on the Scion 10 Series cars, or head over to the site.

Though the photography team made an effort to leave the area around the car as clean as possible, all the equipment that was scattered around made traversing the floor of the set a relatively difficult task.

Elsewhere in the studio, the team was busy preparing the Scion 10 Series xB, FR-S, iQ, and tC for their turns under the spotlight.

The Scion 10 Series FR-S was the first at bat, and the team immediately began capturing detailed shots of its unique LED daytime running lamps.

While work on the headlights was being completed, they also went ahead and flipped on the LED Scion indicator badges to get a few test shots in.

Photography of the FR-S continued at a feverish pace over the course of the next few hours. During that time, the Scion 10 Series xB, xD, and tC were waiting to the side for their turn in front of the lens.

That’s not to say that any of the other cars were neglected, however, as the models were regularly cleaned and polished during the time between shots.

The Scion 10 Series xB was kept nearby, ready to be moved under the lighting so its shoot could begin as soon as work on the FR-S wrapped up.

Meanwhile, the Scion 10 Series tC was stored off the set, since it was the last car scheduled to be photographed.

Photography on the 2014 Scion tC had just wrapped up the previous day, after almost half a week of work on it. The car was immediately covered to ensure it wouldn’t be seen until it made its debut in New York.

Some minor editing was completed on the spot, giving the photography team an idea of how the final images would turn out.

With all the work that went into photographing the cars, it’s almost needless to say that we were delighted to see the results. For a look at the completed photos, check out the Scion 10 Series gallery at the Scion Pressroom site!


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