Scion Racing and Scion A/V Come Together for an FR-S Family Event

Through the course of our 10 year history, we’ve been thrilled to see the Scion family grow to include an eclectic group of artists, innovators, and drivers from fields as varied as their personalities. By creating Scion Audio/Visual, we developed a venue through which we’ve been able to directly work with, support, and promote both upcoming and established talents in the creative arts. Similarly, the Scion Racing program has allowed us to lay a foundation for a number of teams and drivers, who have gone on to find considerable success flying our flag.

Because the Scion family is composed of such a diverse group, we don’t often have the opportunity to bring all of our brands together for shared events. However, during late February, we had the chance to do exactly that as Scion, Scion A/V, and Scion Racing all got together for a day at the racetrack.

We shipped four Scion FR-S’ out to the Streets of Willow to represent the Scion brand, while Scion A/V artists, A$AP Ferg, Dave Witte, Drop The Lime, Eli Reed, Rob Dukes, and SKYWLKR were there to take the cars around the track. Of course, they needed a few lessons before we set them loose, and Scion Racing was more than happen to offer the services of Formula Drift drivers Fredric Aasbo and Ken Gushi.

Jarod DeAnda, known to racing enthusiasts as The Voice of Formula Drift, was on hand to host the day’s activities. Jarod has previously worked with us on a few of our other projects, including the Scion iQ press reveal, the Scion FR-S commercial spot, and the 2012 Scion Tuner Challenge, so we knew he’d be the perfect person to bring all the branches of the Scion family together.

Our film crew gave Jarod and the Scion A/V guys a quick rundown of what the day’s schedule had in store for them.

Once that was completed, the guys suited and got themselves dialed in for all of the racing that awaited.

While that was going on, we handed the keys over to Ken and Fredric, who took the cars around the Streets of Willow for a few warm up laps.

Unfortunately, once we set them loose, we couldn’t get Ken and Fredric to keep the cars still long enough to take some photos, so this picture of a helmet on a Scion FR-S will have to do instead.

After they had finally decided they were done drifting the cars around the track, Ken and Fredric slid the cars into place and the racing lesson was about to begin.

The Scion A/V group listened intently while Jarod had Ken and Fredric explain the basics of racing. During the classroom session, Ken was being his usual demonstrative self.

Once they’d had their fill of instruction, the Scion A/V was broken down into two teams captained by each of the Scion Racing drivers, which would compete against each other for the fastest cumulative time. Team Aasbo consisted of SKYWLKR, A$AP Ferg, and Dave Witte.

Squaring off against them was Team Gushi, whose roster was filled out by Rob Dukes, Eli Reed, and Drop The Lime.

Jarod DeAnda spent a few quick moments breaking down the rules, before they finally set off around the track.

And, of course, the Scion A/V guys couldn’t wait to get behind the wheel of the Scion FR-S after spending all day prepping.

After everyone had a chance to take the cars out for a lap, times were tallied up and a winner was announced. You’ll have to stay tuned for the video to find out who won, but what we can say is that everyone had a great day and a great time.

While everyone was exhausted at the end of the day, it was a fantastic way to come together and show what being a part of the Scion brand is about. The event wouldn’t have been possible without the help of everyone at Scion, Scion Audio/Visual, Scion Racing, and of course, all of the Scion owners everywhere who’ve made this possible. We’ll be bringing you all of the footage from the Scion FR-S shoot soon, so be sure to check back in!


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