Scion 10 Series Music Release Tracks Featuring ASG and Poolside Now Available to Download

The Scion 10 Series Music Release is a compilation of new songs that we’ve put together to celebrate Scion’s 10th anniversary. We introduced the first three tracks earlier this week, and we’re continuing the rollout with two more completely FREE songs that are now available to stream or download.

The first new track comes to us from ASG – a heavy rock band based out of North Carolina who will also be performing at this year’s Scion Rock Fest. Their contribution to the Scion 10 Music Release is a song called “Mourning of the Earth,” a recording that features distorted intense guitar riffs that are the perfect complement to a spirited drive.

Our second new track is a song titled “If We Make it” from an act called Poolside – a dance music duo known for their uptempo beats. The pair of musicians has previously worked with us through the Scion AV program, and we’re excited to have them back on board to celebrate 10 years of Scion.

Check out the new tracks on the Scion AV Soundcloud player below, and check back next Monday for the 6th and 7th tracks in the Scion 10 Series Music Release!

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