Scion First 86 Program Terms and FAQ

The ScionFirst86 program gives customers a chance to be among the first to own the Scion FR-S. Entries will be accepted on January 12th from 12:00pm to 8:06pm EST through Frequently Asked Questions are included below, followed by a link to the ScionFirst86 contest Terms & Conditions.



1)  What is the ScionFirst86 Program?

  1. It is a chance for FR-S enthusiasts to be among the first 86 people to purchase the Scion FR-S.


2) How can I be one of the first to own an FR-S?

  1. On Thursday January 12, 2012 at 9am PST, Scion will launch a purchase request website (
  2. Submit an entry with your desired color and transmission selection for your FR-S.
  3. The opportunity to enter will be available for 8 hours and 6 minutes.
  4. Scion will contact you within 24 hours of your request and let you know if you have been selected for the opportunity to purchase or lease one of the first 86 FR-Ss in the United States.


3) If I am one of the 86, what are my next steps?

  1. Scion will contact you within 24 hours of your request and let you know if you have been selected as one of the 86.
  2. You will receive a date stamped email with a confirmation number, confirmation of your color and transmission request, and confirmation of your selected dealer.
  3. Within 96 hours of the confirmation email, take your email with the confirmation number to your selected dealer. Sign the required vehicle request and deposit agreement with the dealer and place your $500 deposit.
  4. Once your deposit is received and you have signed the agreement, you have officially reserved your FR-S.
  5. Watch your email inbox for status updates on the delivery of your FR-S.
  6. Your FR-S is scheduled to arrive prior to the general public on-sale date.  Once your FR-S arrives, your dealer will contact you and you will follow the normal process to purchase the vehicle from your selected dealer.
  7. We encourage you to arrange financing before the arrival of your FR-S, or you may do so with the dealer you selected.


4) What if I did not make it onto the First 86 participant list?

  1. Great news – You still have a chance! You will be placed on our waitlist and we will alert you if your status changes and there is an opportunity for you to move up from the waitlist to become one of the First 86 participants.
  2. If your status on the waitlist does not change, Scion will have a dealer contact you in regards to your purchase request as it gets closure to the FR-S on-sale date.


5) I was one of the 86 to receive a confirmation number and put down my deposit.  When can I expect to take delivery of my FR-S?

  1. Scion will provide periodic emails of your estimated vehicle delivery status as we get closer to the FR-S on-sale date. The vehicle is scheduled to be delivered prior to the general public on-sale date.


6) When will the FR-S go on-sale to the general public?

  1. The FR-S is currently scheduled to go on sale to the general public in the spring of 2012.


7) Is there a way to get my $500 deposit refunded and cancel my order?

  1. Yes, you can get a refund and cancel your order any time prior to purchasing the vehicle. Please work with your dealer if you wish to remove your name from the First 86 participant list and receive a refund of your deposit. At that point, you will forfeit your requested vehicle and participation in the Scion First 86 program.


8)  What if I can’t pick up the car on the date assigned to me?  Will the FR-S be sold to someone else?

a) No. Once you have placed a deposit down with a dealer, your vehicle is reserved. It is between you and the dealer to arrange the specific date and time you will purchase and take delivery of the vehicle.


9) What if I do not want to purchase my vehicle from the dealer I selected?

  1. Please note that the dealer you selected in your original request for the FR-S is the dealer you must purchase the vehicle from.



10) What if I go to take delivery of the FR-S and it is not the correct vehicle?

  1. Once you place your purchase request, your confirmation email will show the color and transmission of the vehicle you selected. When you are working with the dealer to arrange for delivery of the vehicle, you and your Selected Dealer should confirm the correct vehicle.


11)   Am I able to see or drive the car before I take delivery?

a) We are bringing the highly anticipated FR-S to the market early for a select group of 86 people. If you are one of the 86, you will be among the first to see and drive the actual vehicle when it arrives at your Selected Dealership.   Similar to a traditional vehicle purchase, you will be able to see and drive the car before finalizing the transaction for the vehicle and can cancel anytime.


12)  Can I request more than one car?

a) We are allowing only one FR-S per person for the 86 vehicles.


13)  Can I place a submission for someone else?

a) You may only submit a request for yourself.


14) I am one of the 86 but would like to give the vehicle to someone else.  Can I do this?

a) The vehicle must be purchased and registered in the name of the individual who placed the purchase request.  The order cannot be sold, transferred or assigned.


15)  What options will be included with my purchase?  Do I get to choose?

a) Initially you will be able to select your color and transmission.  Please work with your dealer to personalize your FR-S as accessories become available closer to the FR-S on-sale date.


16)        When will final pricing be available?

  1. Final MSRP is scheduled to be announced Spring 2012.


17)        When will more detailed specifications be available for the FR-S?

  1. Detailed specification information will be available closer to the FR-S’ on-sale date.


18)   What are the transmission options?

  1.  The FR-S will have two transmissions available: a 6-speed manual transmission and a 6-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.


19)   Who can I contact if I have any questions or concerns?

a) Please contact Scion Customer Experience at 1-866-70-SCION for questions about the program or your selected dealer for specific questions or concerns about your requested vehicle.


Click the link below for Scion First 86 Terms and Conditions:

First 86 Terms and Conditions



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