Scion FR-S: Behind the Scenes with Scion Racing’s Ken Gushi

Earlier in the week, we brought you a behind the scenes video with Jack Hollis, VP of Scion, talking about the FR-S Concept Car that debuted at the New York International Auto Show in April.  Now, resident Scion Racing driver Ken Gushi gives you his perspective on the car.  He discusses everything from the FR-S as a drift vehicle, to the Toyota AE-86 heritage of the car.  Watch the video below to see more.


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  • Gonzo

    rat +1

  • MyScion

    I would like to own a Scion FR-S as a regular vehicle. Right now im trying to finally get my Scion tC. I have always wanted one since 2006.

  • ScionSupra

    This car is so awesome! I won’t buy one though for the sole reason it will be marketed as a Scion. I don’t want to be thought of as a “hipster.” Which are people who overtly claim to be “different” and “unique” but accomplish the opposite. I have nothing wrong with “hipsters” but I don’t want to be thought as one, therefore I won’t buy a Scion. Look at other forums, there are others with the same complaint, so much so the topic of this car labeled a Scion has gotten old and annoying. True, who cares about what others think, image is superficial unless its going to cost 20k or more. and no i wont switch badges cause thats just posing. But this is the only logical move Toyota can make with Scion as an attempt to reach a larger audience.

    • rat

      Not getting something because you don’t want to be labelled as something you think you’re not is akin to the hipster mentality anyway.

      You’re somehow making the ridiculous suggestion that liking a certain brand is hipster on the mere premise that Scion’s target market happens to have an urban outlook. Any self-respecting hipster who’s “too cool for school” understands this method of target marketing and zealously rejects it because they’re too cool to be labelled. Congratulations ScionSupra, you’re a hipster.

      I will explain to you the hipster dichotomy in two easy steps:

      1.) The hipster that doesn’t want to be targeted as a market, will outright refuse to identify with what “they” think is “cool” or “hip” because of what the adverts claim. This is you.

      2.) The hipster that identifies with being marketed to as a result of a shift in culture and understanding, which is not necessarily uncool, but in no way definitive of being a part of the “cool” generation. This is the sort of person who, in your eyes, buy into Scion. There are others who buy into Urban Outfitters or American Apparel who are not unlike this.

      -This is just hipsters calling out other hipsters, or in a different universe: Trolls trolling trolls. Get over it.

      If you’re going to put a product down due to their name and target audience, then you’re not really appreciating the product or engineering. By that measure, you’re not even appreciating the legacy, and as Toyota’s child company, Scion should just be seen as a Toyota in sheep’s slightly more updated clothing.

      • xxshadowjagerxx

        rat +1

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