Scion Tuner Challenge FR-S Builds Complete! [PHOTOS]

The Scion Tuner Challenge is an annual competition where three tuners are each given a Scion, $15,000 to use toward modifying the car, and 3 months to complete their builds in time for SEMA, where they’ll be judged on a number of criteria including aesthetics, audio/visual, and overall execution. This year’s Tuner Challenge features Scion’s first rear-wheel drive sports car, the all-new 2013 Scion FR-S! After some hard work and long nights in in their garages, the three FR-S builds are finally complete and the tuners are ready to throw their cars in the ring for the $10,000 grand prize!

Chris Basselgia’s FR-S, dubbed “Minty FReSh” after its unique coloring, brought together his vision of functionality and class. The modifications he included on the exterior of his build focused on enhancing the already clean lines of the FR-S, while maintaining a degree of both elegance and aggressiveness. Similarly, the interior of the Minty FReSh Scion FR-S was designed to give its passengers a premium experience that still allowed them to enjoy the supercharged power plant sitting under its hood.

Conversely, Daniel Song’s “FR-S GT” was, from the start, created to give off the appearance of being an all-out race car. Accordingly, the FR-S GT completely eschews any sort of audio set up whatsoever, and instead goes for a gutted, performance oriented look inside. The exterior of the build was covered in a carbon fiber wrap, and was fitted with a custom wide bodykit and large rear spoiler to finish off the track-ready look.

Meanwhile, John Toca’s “Carbon Stealth FR-S” attempted to bring everything together, with considerable amounts of both show and go. Built for the streets, his car features a premium audio setup for rolling around town. However, because his FR-S build also keeps performance in mind, he kept many of the audio features removable for times when performance needs to be the focus. And, to back up its aggressive look, the Carbon Stealth FR-S is powered by a supercharger under the hood.

We’ll be announcing the winner of the Scion FR-S Tuner challenge later this week, but in the meantime, be sure to check out some more images of the finished cars that will be vying for the title!


Minty FReSh FR-S – Chris Basselgia (Lebanon, PA)


FR-S GT – Daniel Song (Orange County, CA)


Carbon Stealth FR-S – John Toca (Chicago, IL)


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