Behind the Scenes of the Scion 10 Series Commercial Shoot

If you’ve been watching any TV as of late, chances are you’ve caught our new Scion 10 Series commercial on the air. The spot, which features all new music composed by Jeesh, went live earlier this year and was accompanied by a full music video that can be viewed below.

We’ve been thrilled to see the response to everything from the commercial, to the music (which can be downloaded for FREE as part of the Scion 10 Series Music Release!), and of course, to the cars themselves, so we’re bringing you an exclusive behind the scenes look at how the music video was made.


Filming took place at various locations around Los Angeles earlier this year, over the course of a three day shoot. The first scenes that were captured were set at a local park, nestled away in the heart of the city.


Outdoor shoots have a tendency to present some unique challenges as a result of the dynamic lighting conditions, but we were fortunate enough to be working with bright and sunny weather.


Thankfully, that held true by the time we moved filming over to Mount Hollywood, later on in the day. If you take a closer look at the photo, you’ll notice the Griffith Observatory sitting atop the hills in the background.


The crew on the shoot hosed down the floor of the “set”, which resulted in the blue reflection of the sky being cast across the entire floor. That effect was particularly remarkable once the sun began to fall.


Once the sun had fallen, the lights on each of the Scion 10 Series cars were flipped on (along with their illuminated emblems), and filming was set to begin.

By now, you’ll likely know that the final cut of the commercial includes a rather sizeable display of fireworks at the end. Being up close to all the bright lights and loud explosions made it all feel even larger than it did on film.


It’s no surprise that we think the Scion 10 Series Silver Ignition color is one of the most attractive finishes we’ve ever put on any Scion models, but that was especially true once they were under the glow of the bright blue, orange, red, and purple fireworks.


The set was closed to the public, so we can only imagine all the commotion there would’ve been with fireworks, cyclists on glowing bikes, and of course, a lineup of 5 limited edition cars all scattered around.


As exciting as the night of day 1 was, there was still a lot of work to be done. Accordingly, the crew was out up and early the following morning to prepare for the rest of the filming.


The 10 Series cars were moved over to the new location, where they were cleaned and detailed before filming began.


Video captured by the various cameras was fed into monitors located near the director’s chair, which gave us an idea of how each shot would be framed and what the final product would end up looking like.


Like the previous day, shooting extended into the night, well after the sun had fallen. After a quick break for dinner, the crew was back at it to get all of the necessary scenes filmed before we called it a day.


By the time the third day of filming rolled around, we were finally ready to get some shots of the Scion 10 Series vehicles in motion. We had full streets sectioned off, as a camera car was ready to capture everything on film.


Shooting began with the Scion iQ and the Scion FR-S.  The camera car, despites its heavy payload, did a reasonably good job of keeping up with the 200 horsepower boxer engine powering the FR-S.


The redesigned front and rear fascia on the 2014 Scion 10 Series tC looked particularly aggressive driving down the streets of Los Angeles, and with its improved handling dynamics, it’s certainly got the performance to match.


Of course, as any Scion xB owner will attest, the boxy hatchback also has a way of turning heads as it makes its way through the city.


With the rolling shots completed, we were finally ready to film the last scenes of the shoot and wrap everything up for the commercial.


Our film crew once again had the thankless job of hauling all the necessary equipment over and getting it set up for filming.


We like to think it was all worth it, however, when we finally got our hands on the final cut of the commercial. Everyone who worked on the production did an amazing job, and the commercial absolutely showcases the best features of the new Scion 10 Series lineup.

If you want to know more about the cars, be sure to check out our previous feature on the Scion 10 Series lineup, and head over to the link below for all the details on the website!


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