Scion Monogram Series Shoot – Behind the Scenes


The Scion Monogram Series tC and FR-S will be arriving in dealerships soon! To celebrate the upcoming launch of the limited edition vehicles, we’re taking you behind the scenes for a look at how we prepared materials for the release.

Whenever working with unannounced products, our team always goes to great lengths to ensure that nothing gets leaked. The cars get transported under covers to the studios where the shoots take place, where only a small handful of crew gets hands-on access to the vehicles.

The Scion Monogram Series vehicles are built off of existing models, and are therefore outwardly similar at a glance, but one look inside the cabin is all it takes to see just how many premium features we packed into the line. The Monogram Series tC, for example, has been outfitted with heated leather seats, a push start button, upgraded trim materials, and a whole lot more, meaning it was just as important to keep it under wraps.

While the Scion Monogram Series tC was out in front of the lens, the Monogram Series FR-S and iQ were also on set, waiting for their respective turns under the lights. The Monogram Series iQ was the first car to be introduced in the lineup, making its debut in August of last year.

The Scion Monogram Series FR-S, on the other hand, will be arriving in dealerships in early February, alongside the Monogram tC. We’ve previously covered some of the standout features we’ve brought to the FR-S, but in case you’ve forgotten, they include HID headlamps with LED daytime running lights, dual zone climate controls, a color keyed rear spoiler, and a push start button with smart key.

While we stepped aside to get a closer look at the Monogram FR-S and iQ, the crew was still hard at work preparing the tC for its exterior shots. From the front quarter view, you could easily see how much more aggressive the 2014 fascia appeared, while also giving us a slight peek at the low profile spoiler included on all 2014 Monogram tC models.

You wouldn’t guess it if you’d never been on set, but getting studio shots of new products is an incredibly time consuming process that requires a keen eye to get just right. The end results are always worth it, however, and we’re lucky to have the chance to work with some of the best crew and equipment in the industry.

So, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out the Scion Monogram Series tC and Scion Monogram Series FR-S pages on, and stay tuned for more news about the Monogram Series cars, coming soon!


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