Scion xB Release Series 10.0 – Behind the Scenes

The Scion xB Release Series 10.0 is coming soon, but before the tech-infused hatchback begins hitting Scion dealerships, we wanted to take you behind the scenes of our upcoming xB RS 10.0 walkaround video.

Like all of our shoots for then unannounced products, the xB Release Series took place at a small studio nearby our offices, where the vehicle was transported to a few days prior. That little bit of extra time gives us a chance to not just get the car clean and prepped, but to get the studio set up and all the equipment in place as well.

One of the more difficult parts of shooting the limited edition Scion xB RS 10.0 was capturing its unique Electric Quartz finish. While the car looks to be your standard pearl white from a distance, under certain lighting conditions, the paint casts a unique green hue – something you’ll see on the xB’s rear bumper and hatch in the photo above.

The Tungsten Gray colored wheel caps also provide a subtle, but distinctive contrast to the pearlescent paint, one that should go a long way it making the uniquely colored xB stand out even more while on the road.

The projected light stamp included on the xB RS 10.0’s rear bumper illuminated the dark floor of our studio set-up, and gave us a good idea of how they’ll look once they’re out on the streets. The green color of the light stamp also goes with not just the Electric Quartz paint, but the revamped interior featuring color-keyed stitching.


With other added features like conductive wireless charging for your phone in the center console, piano black trim pieces, and the first ever standard back up camera on a Scion vehicle, we think there’s a lot to look forward to. Be sure to check back in this Thursday, when we officially release our #xBRS10 Walkaround Video!


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