Scion Epic FR-S FAQ

Epic FR-S Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I enter the EPIC FR-S contest?
A: First, take an epic video (slow-motion or normal speed) or photo incorporating your Scion car or a Scion, Scion Racing, or Scion AV reference, then submit it in one of two ways:

1) Post your photo on Twitter with @Scion and #EPICFRS

2) Post your photo or video on Instagram with @SCION and #EPICFRS in the caption (not in the comments).


 Q: When can I enter?
A: The Contest starts at 10:00a.m. PT on March 27, 2014, and entries are accepted until 11:59p.m. PT on June 16, 2014.


Q: Do I have to have a Twitter and/or Instagram account to enter the promotion?
A: Yes, you may enter via either platform, but must have an account in good standing on whichever of the two platforms you choose and must NOT be a “PROTECTED” account on TWITTER or “PRIVATE” account  on INSTAGRAM


Q: How do I know that you’ve received my entry?
A: If your submission meets the entry requirements, you will receive a confirmation notification.


Q: I didn’t receive my notification. Why not?
A: NOTIFICATIONS ARE NOT INSTANT. THEY MAY TAKE UP TO 72 HOURS. If you submitted via Twitter, check your account’s Twitter notifications for a Direct Message with instructions to approve your submission. If you submitted via Instagram, check your notifications for a comment on that specific picture which will point you towards a link in the Scion Instagram bio, which will lead you to the submission approval page. If your submission doesn’t include Scion, or contains any elements that conflict with Scion’s content guidelines (below), your submission will not be counted as an entry and you will receive no notification.


Q: How many photos and/or videos may I submit?
A: There is no limit to the number of entries, but multiple entries will not increase your chances of winning. They have to be EPIC!

Q: How will my entry be judged?
A: All prize winners will be selected from all eligible entries, based on the following criteria:

  • Unique use of the medium.
  • Innovation. Be creative!
  • Positive representation of the Scion brand.
  • Clever use of the brand in an identifiable way.


Q: When will the Winners be announced?
A: Winners will be chosen on or around June 27th and will be notified by email, Twitter replies, or Instagram comments.


Q: I’d like to enter a photo or video that has previously won a contest. Is that allowed?
A: No.


Q: Will my entry be seen online?
A: Selected entries and the entrants’ names or usernames will be published on the landing page. You’ll be asked to give us permission to post your submission when you enter the contest.


Q: Is image or video manipulation allowed in the contest?
A: Use of filters and color correction are acceptable.


Q: What should I include in the description of my submission?
A: Include “@SCION” and “#EPICFRS” if submitting via Twitter or Instagram.


Q: How will I find out if my submission is selected?
A: If you are a winner and you entered via the Twitter platform, you be contacted using the direct message feature on Twitter for your account if you are a follower of @Scion.  If you are not a follower of @Scion, then you will have to set your Twitter account to follow @Scion (so that Scion will be able to send a private direct message via Twitter) within the time stated in the notice of Scion’s submission of an @Reply to you or else Scion may disqualify your entry.  If you entered the Contest via the Instagram platform, you will be contacted by Scion through a comment on your potentially winning post and Scion will provide an email address (or other contact information) where you can send or otherwise deliver their prize claim.


Q: What should I include in my submission (the actual video or photo)?
A: Creative use of Scion, ScionRacing or ScionAV reference must be included.


Q: What should I NOT include in my submission?
A: Your submission WILL NOT BE ENTERED if it contains ANY of the following:

  • References to drugs or alcohol
  • References to violence or weapons
  • Nudity
  • Any racial, gender, or politically insensitive references
  • Religious references
  • Any intellectual property (including non-Scion logos) not solely owned and controlled by you (that means music that you didn’t write).


Q: How many winners are there?!
A: There are 4 total winners: A Grand Prize Winner, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd runners up.


Q: Whom may I contact if I have questions about the contest?!
A: Contact our Customer service Monday-Friday from 10:00 a.m. PT to 5:00 p.m. PT at 1-800-403-6091, or email us at:


Download a copy of the Scion Epic FR-S FAQ here: Epic FR-S FAQs

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