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  • Scion Transfer to Toyota

    Why are you transferring Scion to Toyota?

    Scion was established in 2003 to appeal to customers who wanted an alternative to buying a car from Toyota. Scion’s role was to act as a laboratory where we could develop new products and innovative processes, as well as bring new customers into the Toyota family. Scion has been successful and we are a stronger company as a result. Today’s young customers are more attracted to the Toyota brand and its reputation for quality, durability and value. Now is an ideal time to take the products and spirit of Scion and transfer them to Toyota.

  • When?

    When will this take place?

    The transition started in February and will evolve at our dealerships over the next several months. For model year 2017, Scion vehicles will be branded as Toyotas beginning in Fall 2016.

  • Future of Scion Products

    What will happen to Scion products?

    The following vehicles will be re-badged as Toyotas:

    • FR-S will be Toyota “86”
    • iM will be Toyota “Corolla iM”
    • iA will be Toyota “Yaris iA”

    There will be a release series tC to close out sports coupe production and it will be discontinued as of August. The recently debuted C-HR will join the Toyota line-up. The xB was discontinued as the iM and iA joined the line-up and production ended in December 2015.

  • Effects to Customers

    How will this affect customers?

    This will give customers the opportunity to purchase the same vehicles, but they will be available at more locations (1238 vs. 1006). Regarding service, it won’t have much impact on current Scion customers because service is done at Toyota dealerships. We could not have achieved the success we have had without the incredible support of Scion’s customers, so supporting you throughout this transition process will be one of our top priorities.

  • Effects to Dealers

    How will this affect dealers?

    We have 1,006 dealers and through Scion they have received valuable insight on innovative processes that they can apply to their business going forward.

  • Where to Buy a Scion

    Now that Scions are transferring to Toyota, do I go to a Toyota dealer to get one?

    Toyota Scion dealers will continue to have model year 2016 products. In the fall, the model year 2017 Scion vehicles will be badged as Toyotas. At that time, they’ll be available through all the Toyota dealerships.

  • Loans and Financing

    Will this be a change for customers with loans through Toyota Financial Services?

    No, this will not affect any loans.

  • Scion Service Boost

    What about Scion Service Boost, my vehicle warranty or my Certified Pre-owned warranty or vehicle service agreements? Will those contracts be honored?

    These contracts will absolutely be honored. We’ll work with our dealers to ensure Scion customers get the best service possible during this transition.

  • Scion Parts Availability

    How long will Scion parts be available?

    The advantage we have is that many Scion vehicles also are sold as Toyotas in other markets, so we can maintain a consistent flow of parts.


  • Check Engine Light

    What can cause the Malfunction Indicator Lamp/check engine light to come on?

    The MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp), also referred to as the check engine light, illuminates in three general cases:

    •    The fuel tank is empty
    •    The fuel cap is loose, or not properly secured
    •    There is a concern within the engine, or automatic transmission electrical system or braking system.

    If the MIL comes on while driving in case "c", it is recommended to have your vehicle diagnosed and, if necessary, repaired as soon as possible by your local Scion/Toyota dealership. A full evaluation of the vehicle by a qualified technician will be necessary to clearly determine the reason why the MIL is illuminated.

  • Complimentary Service

    Do I need a coupon to receive my complimentary oil change/maintenance?

    No, you don't need a coupon to receive your complimentary oil change/maintenance. Your complimentary oil changes/maintenances will be tracked in Scion's national database using your vehicle identification number.

    To obtain your complimentary oil change/maintenances, call a Scion or Toyota dealership to make an appointment. The dealership will check Scion's national database to verify your vehicle's eligibility.

  • Coolant Information

    Why is Scion coolant pink or blue in color?

    Since coolant is poisonous if swallowed, we dye coolant so that it cannot be mistaken for water. Otherwise, there is no special significance to the color choice. Aftermarket coolants can typically be found in yellow-green, blue or orange. (Toyota Super Long Life coolant requires first replacement at 100,000 miles.)

  • Corrosion Prevention

    How do I protect my Scion from corrosion?

    Scion, through its diligent research, design and use of the most advanced technology available, helps prevent corrosion and provides you with the finest quality vehicle construction. Proper care of your Scion can help ensure long-term corrosion prevention.

    The most common causes of corrosion to your vehicle are:
    The accumulation of road salt, dirt and moisture in hard-to-reach areas under the vehicle.

    Chipping of paint or undercoating caused by minor accidents or by stones and gravel.

    Care is especially important if you live in particular areas or operate your vehicle under certain environmental conditions:
    Road salt or dust control chemicals will accelerate corrosion, as will the presence of salt in the air near the seacoast or in areas of industrial pollution.

    High humidity accelerates corrosion especially when temperatures range just above freezing point.

    Wetness or dampness to certain parts of your vehicle for an extended period of time may cause corrosion even though other parts of the vehicle may be dry.

    High temperatures will cause corrosion to those components of the vehicle which does not dry quickly due to lack of proper ventilation.

    The above signifies the necessity to keep your vehicle, particularly the underside, as clean as possible and to repair any damage to paint or protective coatings as soon as possible. To help prevent corrosion on your Scion, follow these guidelines:
    Wash your vehicle frequently. It is, of course, necessary to keep your vehicle clean by regular washing, but to prevent corrosion, the following points should be observed:
    If you drive on salted roads in the winter or if you live near the ocean, you should hose off the undercarriage at least once a month to minimize corrosion.

    High pressure water or steam is effective for cleaning the vehicles underside and wheel housings. Pay particular attention to these areas as it is difficult to see all the mud and dirt. It will do more harm than good to simply wet the mud and debris without removing. The lower edge of doors, rocker panels and frame members have drain holes, which should not be allowed to clog with dirt as trapped water in these areas can cause corrosion.

    Wash the underside of the vehicle thoroughly when winter is over.

    See "Washing and waxing your Scion" in the index section of your Owner's Manual for more tips.

    Check the condition of your vehicle's paint and trim. If you find any chips or scratches in the paint, touch them up immediately to prevent corrosion from starting. If the chips or scratches have gone through the bare metal, have a qualified body shop make the repair.

    Check the interior of your vehicle. Water and dirt can accumulate under the floor mats and could cause corrosion. Occasionally check under the mats to make sure the area is dry. Be particularly careful when transporting chemicals, cleansers, fertilizers, salt, etc.; these should be transported in proper containers. If a spill or lead should occur, immediately clean and dry the area.

    Use mud shields on your wheels. If you drive on salted or gravel roads, mud shields help protect your vehicle. Full-size shields, which come as near to the ground as possible, are the best. We recommend that the fittings and the area where the shields are installed be treated to resist corrosion. Your Toyota Scion dealer will be happy to assist in supplying and installing the shields if they are recommended for you area.

    Keep you vehicle in a well ventilated garage or a roofed place. Do not park your vehicle in a damp, poorly ventilated garage. If you wash your vehicle in the garage, or if you drive it covered with water or snow, your garage may be so damp as to cause corrosion. Even if your garage is heated, a wet vehicle can corrode if the ventilation is poor.

  • Long Term Storage

    What should I do to prepare my Scion vehicle for long-term storage (1-6 months)?

    Our vehicles are designed to be driven routinely and not be stored for a long period of time. If due to an unexpected situation and the vehicle has to be left unused for a while, our recommendations for storing the vehicle with less negative impact to the systems on board are listed below:


    Before storing the vehicle:

    • Have the engine oil changed
    • Have the engine coolant changed if due during time of storage
    • Fill up the fuel tank with the appropriate gasoline for your vehicle
    • Wash the vehicle; use high-pressure water or steam to clean underneath
    • Check underneath the floor mats to ensure the carpet is dry
    • If there are any paint chips, have them repaired

    When storing the vehicle:

    • Drive vehicle above 35-40 mph for over 20-25 minutes prior to shutting off the engine. Disconnect the black negative (-) battery cable
    • Leave the parking brake off
    • Raise the vehicle on a level surface and place on jack stands or blocks to prevent flat spots on the tires
    • If stored in a temperate, ventilated garage, the windows can be left slightly open
    • Cover the vehicle
    • Operate the air conditioning once a month to ensure proper lubrication

    When bringing the vehicle out of storage:

    • Have the battery charged and reconnect the black negative (-) battery cable
    • Check fluid levels and add as needed
    • Check for any leaks underneath the vehicle
    • Check and inflate the tires to the correct pressure before taking the vehicle off the jack stands or blocks
    • After starting the engine, observe the warning lights; if any remain illuminated, have the issue addressed by your Toyota Scion dealership as appropriate
    • Check the brake pedal for normal feel (height and firmness) before shifting the transmission
    • Take the vehicle to your Toyota Scion dealership for general inspection
    • To determine your vehicle's normal operating temperature, please refer to the section of your Owner's Manual that describes the engine coolant temperature gauge.

    Note: If you are planning to store your vehicle for more than 6 months, please consult a company that specializes in long-term vehicle storage.

    *There are many variations in the step-by-step procedures used when checking fluids or charging batteries, and varying skill levels of individuals. These instructions cannot anticipate all circumstances or provide advice and caution on each. If you are in doubt concerning your ability or have any questions, consult your local Toyota Scion dealership and have the work performed by an experienced technician.

  • Maintenance Required Light

    Why does the maintenance indicator light blink?

    The indicator will initially blink after 4,500 miles. The light will stay on after 5,000 miles. The maintenance indicator signals that it has been more than 5k miles since the combination meter has been reset, the indicator will blink for 12 seconds after ignition is turned ON. The FR-S does not feature a maintenance light on the instrument panel.

  • Synthetic Oil Usage

    Can I use synthetic oil in my Scion vehicle?

    If you decide to use synthetic oil for the engine, it is best not to switch until the first scheduled oil change and to also contact the oil manufacturer for advice. Synthetic oil should meet or exceed the specifications provided in your Owner's Manual. Even if synthetic oil is used, we DO NOT recommend a longer oil change interval. If you wish to choose to switch back and forth, please contact the manufacturer of the synthetic oil you have been using to see whether or not this is recommended. Please make sure you use the same weight and viscosity specifications as seen in your Owner's Manual in order to keep your warranty intact.

    • 2004-2006 xB: 5W-30
    • 2008-2013 xB: 5W-20 or 0W-20
    • 2008-2009 xD: 5W-20 or 0W-20
    • 2010-2013 xD: 0W-20
    • 2005-2006 tC: 5W-30
    • 2007-2010 tC: 0W-20 or 5W-20
    • 2011-2013 tC: 0W-20
    • 2012-2013 iQ: 0W-20
    • 2013 FR-S: 0W-20


  • Salvage Title

    My vehicle has a salvage title — is the warranty still valid?

    Toyota/Scion vehicles with titles that have been branded as salvaged, scrapped, or dismantled are not covered under the Toyota/Scion warranty, with the exception of applicable emissions warranties. For further information regarding the branding of vehicle titles, please contact your state's department of motor vehicles.

  • Tire Warranty

    What is Scion's tire warranty?

    The tires that come as original equipment on your vehicle are warranted by their manufacturer and not Scion. The tire warranty information is located in the glove box of the vehicle.

    To obtain service for tire concerns, take the tire to an authorized dealership of the tire manufacturer. Some Toyota Scion dealerships sell tires. Please visit the Find A Dealer section of our website to find the nearest Toyota Scion dealership in your area.

    For additional warranty information or service assistance, contact the tire manufacturer directly.

    One Park Way South
    P.O. Box 19001
    Greenville, SC 29602-9001
    (877) 788-8899

    535 Marriott Dr.
    Nashville, TN 37214
    (800) 847-3272 Bridgestone
    (800) 356-4644 Firestone

    Continental/General Tire
    1800 Continental Blvd.
    Charlotte, NC 28273
    (800) 847-3349

    Dunlop Tire Corporation
    1144 East Market Street
    Akron, OH 44316
    (800) 321-2136

    Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
    1144 East Market Street
    Akron, OH 44316
    (800) 321-2136

    Michelin North America
    One Park Way South
    P.O. Box 19001
    Greenville, SC 29602-9026
    (800) 847-3435

    Pirelli Tire North America
    100 Pirelli Dr.
    Rome, GA 30162
    (800) 747-3554

    Toyo Tire (U.S.A.) Corporation
    6261 Katella Ave., Ste. 2B
    Cypress, CA 90630
    (800) 442-8696

    Uniroyal Tires
    One Park Way South
    P.O. Box 19001
    Greenville, SC 29602-9026
    (877) 458-5878

    Yokohama Tire Corporation
    601 South Acacia Avenue
    P.O. Box 4550
    Fullerton, CA 92831
    (800) 722-9888


  • ABS

    What is ABS?

    ABS (Anti-lock Brake System) is a sophisticated computer-controlled system that modulates brake pressure during hard braking to help avoid wheel lock-up and maintain steering control. When the wheels are beginning to lock, the computer causes the brakes to pulse more rapidly than is humanly possible. This allows the wheels to rotate rather than skid, helping to provide better stopping and steering control. When the ABS is engaged, it is not uncommon for the driver to detect a slight pulsation through the brake pedal.

  • Best Mpg Recommendation

    How can I get the best mileage from my Scion?

    We understand that getting the optimal gas mileage from your vehicle is an important aspect of vehicle ownership. We have identified some helpful tips to help you achieve this goal.

    Please refer below for helpful tips:
    Keep your tires inflated at the correct pressure

    Do not carry unneeded weight in your vehicle

    Avoid lengthy warm-up idling

    Accelerate gently and smoothly

    Avoid long engine idling

    Avoid engine lugging or over-revving

    Avoid rapid stops and starts

    Avoid heavy traffic or traffic jams whenever possible

    Do not rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal

    Maintain a moderate speed on highways

    Keep the front wheels in proper alignment

    Keep the bottom of your vehicle free from mud, etc.

    Keep your vehicle tuned-up and well maintained

    For details concerning the tips mentioned above please reference fuel economy in the index of your Owner's Manual for the appropriate page numbers.

  • Crash Test Data

    Where do I locate crash test data for my Scion vehicle?

    All Scion vehicles are engineered with safety in mind. Every vehicle manufactured by Scion meets or exceeds all federal safety standards at the time of production. If you would like additional information on crash test data, please visit the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety or the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration for the latest information.

    800-424-9393 NATIONAL 800# Information
    202-366-0123 Information, DC area only
    202-366-0123 DIRECT #

  • E85 Fuel

    Can I use E85 fuel in my Scion vehicle?

    No, Scion requires unleaded gasoline with no more than 10 percent of ethanol (E85 has 85 percent ethanol which will damage the fuel system).

  • Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns

    How do I find out if my car is included in any safety recalls or service campaigns?

    Safety is an important part of Scion's business, including the safety of our owners and the public. To see if your vehicle is included in any safety recalls or service campaigns click the link below.

    Safety Recalls & Service Campaigns

  • Sales Brochure

    How do I obtain a Scion brochure?

    To download an xB brochure, please click here.

    To download a tC brochure, please click here.

    To download an FR-S brochure, please click here.

    Or contact our customer experience center at (866) 707-2466.

  • Seat Belt Extenders

    How can I obtain seat belt extenders?

    If the factory seat belt is too short for the driver or passenger to fit, a seat belt extender may be available at cost to the person who needs it.

    The extender is available in 6-inch, 9-inch, 12-inch, 15-inch and 18-inch lengths.

    The extender is available only in black.

    You must visit a Toyota Scion dealership to have the required measurements made and to complete a Seat Belt Extender Worksheet. The Worksheet will allow proper fitting and selection of a Seat Belt Extender.

    The dealer will take measurements while you are seated in the vehicle and then order the seat belt extender from Scion at no charge. Extenders are available to people who need extra length only; they cannot be provided as child seat accessories or for the disabled. Also, the seatbelt extender would be for your use and in your Scion vehicle only. The extender must not be shared with other persons or used in another vehicle; serious injuries can occur if these seatbelt extenders are misused. This is because the fit and positioning of the seatbelt is critical to ensure proper restraint performance in the event of an accident.

  • SSP

    What does SSP stand for?

    SSP is a modified DSP (Digital Signal Processing) system that provides a customized sound for your vehicle.

    Scion Sound Processing, or SSP, gives you three ways to listen. 'Natural' plays the music in the background-perfect when you're having a conversation. 'Hear' delivers the full sound of the music. 'Feel' strengthens and richens the deep bass and midrange sounds so you can practically feel the music. Scion Sound Processing (SSP) can be set to the individual acoustic characteristics of FR-S, iQ, tC, xB, and xD. To do this, you press and hold the SSP button until it displays the vehicle settings in the following order: SSP Car Type xD > SSP Car Type xB > SSP Car Type tC > SSP Car Type iQ > SSP Car Type FR-S.There's an additional 'flat' setting for owners who have added external amps to the system. This will read 'SSP Car Type Flat.' Press and hold the SSP button, then push the multicontrol dial to choose your setting. You cannot select Neutral, Hear or Feel when 'Flat' is selected for the vehicle type during the initial setting.


    • Scion Sound Processing (SSP) gives a Scion driver three distinctly different ways to listen.
    • It can also be tuned to the individual acoustic characteristics of FR-S, iQ, tC, xB, and xD.
    • A 'flat' setting is available for owners who have added external amplifiers to their audio system.
  • Timing Chain or Timing Belt

    Do Scion vehicles have either timing chains or timing belts?

    All Scions are equipped with a timing chain.


  • Employment Information

    How can I get information on employment with Scion/Toyota/Lexus?

    For positions at Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc., please call the Toyota Employment Hotline at 800-544-0815. You can learn more about working at all the U.S. Toyota companies at If you would like further information on Toyota's Technical Education Network (T-TEN), which offers training for service positions at Scion/Toyota dealerships, please contact your local Scion/Toyota dealership.

  • Hybrid Scion

    Are there any plans for Scion to utilize hybrid technology?

    We do not currently have any plans to announce the introduction of a hybrid Scion in the U.S. We are, however, aware of consumer interest, and consistently strive to remain competitive in today's market.

  • Manufacturing Information

    Where are Scions manufactured?

    xB and iQ are manufactured at the Toyota Takaoka plant in Japan.

    xD is manufactured at the Toyota Kanji Iwate plant in Japan.

    tC is manufactured at the Toyota Tsutsumi plant in Japan.

    FR-S is manufactured at the Fuji Heavy Industries plant in Gunma, Japan

  • Mobility Assistance

    What type of assistance does Scion provide to modify vehicles for disabled driver/passengers?

    The Scion Mobility Assistance Program provides cash reimbursements of up to $1,000 toward the cost of most after-market adaptive equipment for disabled drivers and passengers when installed on any eligible purchased or leased4 new Scion vehicle. Adaptive equipment must be installed within 12 months of new vehicle purchase or lease and a reimbursement application must be submitted within 90 days of installation.

    Click here for more information regarding Scion Mobility.

    Please contact the Toyota Financial Services Customer Service Center at (800) 874-8822 for written approval.

  • Scion in Canada

    Are Scions sold in Canada?

    Scions are currently available in Canada.

    For further information, visit or contact Toyota Canada at 888-869-6828.

    Please be aware that vehicles in Canada may be slightly different from vehicles offered in the continental U.S.

  • Scion in Hawaii

    Are Scions sold in Hawaii?

    Scions are currently available in Hawaii.

    You can contact Toyota-Hawaii directly through Servco Pacific:
    Telephone: 888-272-5515
    Mailing address:
    Toyota Hawaii (Servco Pacific, Inc.)
    2850-A Pukoloa Street
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96819

    Please be aware that vehicles in Hawaii may be slightly different from vehicles offered in the continental U.S.

  • Scion Name

    What is the definition of Scion?

    "Scion" means descendant of, and shows Scion's clear heritage and connection to Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc. The pronunciation is "cy-on"; like "Sci" in Science with "on" at the end; "sigh" with "on". The word scion derives from Old French cion, of Germanic origin.

  • Scion Service Boost

    What is Scion Service Boost?

    Scion Service Boost is more than a complimentary maintenance plan. It's freedom to take to the road knowing that your Scion will receive proper care by trained technicians using Genuine Scion Parts, and that you'll receive roadside assistance should you need it during the coverage period5.

    Scion Service Boost includes:

    • Normal factory-recommended maintenance services6 up to 2 years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first
    • Complimentary 24-Hour Roadside Assistance7 for up to 2 years8 from the date of purchase
    • Maintenance performed by trained technicians who know your vehicle the best, using Genuine Scion Parts
    • Service reminders mailed to you prior to your next scheduled service

    For details, visit any participating Toyota Scion Dealer. Offer is valid only in the continental U.S. and Alaska and is void where prohibited. For questions concerning Scion Service Boost, call 1-866-707-2466 or contact your local Toyota Scion dealer.

  • Scion Updates

    How do I stop receiving Scion updates?

    We apologize for the inconvenience. To be taken off the mailing list for updates, accessories and events, please visit our Opt-out of Future Emails page. Simply input your e-mail address and Submit, and you will be removed from our mailing list.

  • Scion Solutions

    What is Scion Solutions?

    Scion Solutions is a Toyota Financial Services program that provides finance, lease and insurance programs for Scion vehicles.

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