Birth of the World Racing FWing 2011 Scion tC 01 September 2011, 12:51 am

WORLD Racing gives us an exclusive inside tour of their fabrication process based on the all new 2011 Scion tC. We get up close and personal with a number of the key players responsible for planning, designing and assembling this impressive custom tC package for the FWing 2.0, using the knowledge and experience gained from the original FWing 1.0, which set multiple track records around the country.

Lead Fabricator Scott ‘Chip’ Stanwood introduces us to the new tC and the process of customizing a factory built streetcar into a world-class performance vehicle. “If it looks like I don’t need it, I take it out,” Scott says, as he explains logic and purpose behind chassis placement and construction, leaving as much of the factory components in as possible to maintain the authenticity of the factory build.

Chief Mechanic Gary Kubo and Technical Director Eric Plebani Tech Director describe the custom exhaust setup, its purpose and its motivation as we see it take form. Eric digs deep to come up with the best possible solutions in the extremely limited time available to finish the build, hitting a serious speed bump when his first design was scrapped. Eric explains, “Basically we fabricated ourselves into a corner, and they didn’t like it. Most people would’ve just called it a day and went home…(we) couldn’t do it. So me and Chip just put our heads together and figured it out.”

Team Manager Rob Cardona explains each team member’s role and their combined goals for the 2011 tC. Rob points out, “We know building this thing lightweight is going to be key to it being fast.” We get a glimpse of the WORLDRacing team’s combined efforts to maximize power and minimize weight in the car, learning from the design of the previous tC.

Time Attack Crew Chief Rob Mathis visits to aid in strategy and recommend the best possible components and methods for the car. “We are proud and happy to represent Scion in Time Attack Racing. There are are many, many virtues in the Scion tC. At the same time, it’s not a grocery-getter anymore, and we have to evolve with what we’re doing so we learned some very valuable lessons with the original front wheel car,” said Rob. After seeing the inner workings completed, Rob was delighted. “It looks like it doesn’t have enough parts in it it’s so tidy.”

After two weeks of fabrication to completely transform the factory-built Scion into a FWing performance beast, the tC had to be painted and finished in 48 hrs, and in 7 days be 100% track ready and on a truck to New Jersey. Enjoy the incredible speed and technical skill the World Racing team is able to apply in such a limited time frame in episodes 4-7 of our WORLD FWing 2.0 Web Series!


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