Crawford Performance Uncontested at NASA Time Trials Final, Buttonwillow 30 November 2011, 7:28 pm

The final race of the NASA Time Trials season was held on the first weekend of November at Buttonwillow Raceway Park in Buttonwillow, CA. Michele Abbate and Ariel Crawford had only two full days of racing to secure or squander their 2nd and 3rd place standings overall (respectively) for the this year’s standings.


Michele Abbate led the team and the field consistently, claiming 1st place without question.  Her strong showing also provided a beacon for teammate Ariel Crawford, whose performance continues to improve at an impressive rate. Ariel knocked two seconds off of her previous best lap and landed a 2nd place finish for the weekend.


Michele shaved nearly 7 seconds off her best lap at Buttonwillow from the previous year, and even managed to post the fastest lap overall in the rain, which fell on the final two sessions of the weekend. The pair definitively held onto their season standings of 2nd and 3rd with impressive performance and class.


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About Crawford Performance
Crawford Performance, founded by Quirt Crawford in 2002, specializes in designing and building high-performance vehicles, including the infamous Gymkhana 1 and Gymkhana 2 vehicles driven by Ken Block, that excel in rally, drift, road, gymkhana and time attack racing formats. Recognized around the world for its successful customization of the street and race prepped vehicles which consistently exceeds expectations on the world stage, Crawford Performance also manufactures proven street components for racing enthusiasts and racing professionals alike. 



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