Scott Kelley Takes 1st Place at the NHRA Summit Series Race 10 July 2012, 11:35 pm

After some bad luck in Fallon, Nevada, Scott Kelley took the Scion xB drag car to the NHRA Summit Series Race in Irwindale, California. It’s a local points race and features all different types of race car combinations and is run bracket style with dial-ins. Kelley and the team were looking forward to testing some new parts that were installed (clutch, transmission, and axles) after the mishap in Fallon. The team rolled the car out of the trailer and got it through the tech inspection. Everything checked out and the team made its way to the staging lanes for the first qualifying round.

The NHRA Summit Series Race is an 1/8 mile event, so first gear tuning is a must. During the first round of qualifying the xB posted a stout 6.382 @ 109.22. Not too shabby considering the new combination in place. After some minor tuning, the team lined up for the second qualifying pass and ran another 6.381 @ 109.48. Talk about consistent!

After the brief lunch break the Scion made its way to the staging lanes for round one. With 48 cars in the class, the team knew they were in for a long day if they could stay steady and go rounds. The xB drew an old school Datsun 240Z with a V8 in it. Since this was a bracket race, the Datsun would leave first as it was dialed in with a 7.35. The Scion was dialed in at a 6.37 so V8 was going to get basically a second head start and the little four cylinder was going to have to charge hard to catch up. That is exactly what happened as Scott cut a .018 reaction time (RT) and ran a 6.40 @ 108 to the losing .103 RT and 7.38 @ 90.

For the second round, the xB was matched up with a new Ford Mustang that was factory supercharged. The Ford was dialed in at a 6.80. Again, that was no problem as Scott ran down the Mustang with a .026 RT and 6.42 on the 6.39 dial to the losing .104 RT and 6.86 @ 100. Round 3 would match the xB up against one of the “new” Camaros. It was dialed in at a 7.82 to the xB’s 6.39, so Scott would have to wait a second and a half at the starting line. When the light finally turned green for the xB the big handicap was not a problem for the Scion power as Scott cut a nice .050 light and ran 6.41 @ 108 to the Camaro’s losing .049 RT 7.89 @ 86. In round 4 there only six cars left and the xB was matched up against a 1964 Chevy Nova. He was dialed in at a 7.43 and would get a second head start. Just like the previous two rounds, Scott and the Scion blew by the V8 and took the win with a .020 RT 6.42 @105 to the losing .102 RT 7.48 @ 92.

Since there were now only three cars left the Scion got the competition bye into the final based on Scott’s stellar .020 light in the previous round. In the final Scott and the xB would face a 1968 Camaro with a big block. This is the classic David and Goliath match up except the little four cylinder Scion was going to have to give the big block a .38 head start! As the two cars inched into the staging beams tensions were high to see who would come out the champion. Both drivers had done a nice job behind the wheel to get to this point and the Chevy knew he would have to put together a good package to beat the Scion Bullet to the finish line. BAM! The Camaro, in an attempt to cut a good light, cut it a bit too close and left the “Big Red Eye” on the starting line, handing the win to the Scion. The little xB was going to be hard to beat as Scott was ready and cut a nice .052 RT and ran a 6.40 @109 on the 6.39 dial in. This was Scott’s second win of the year and positions him nicely for points push the second half of the year.

The next race will be the BIG NHRA Unleashed Event at the famed Pomona Raceway on August 17-19, so come on out and watch your favorite Scion xB beat up on some domestic V8s. Or you can follow Scott Kelley Racing on Facebook and Twitter.

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