Driven to Drift – Episode 6: Las Vegas 10 October 2012, 7:02 pm–pVKKWVgj4

As both Scion Racing teammates and drivers on the Formula Drift circuit, Fredric Aasbo, Tony Angelo, and Ken Gushi have much in common. The penultimate episode of Driven to Drift, Season 4 examined the differing paths they each took to arrive at their shared destination.

Fredric’s journey began across the sea in Norway, where he inherited his dad’s passion for motorsports. Moving from one form of racing to the next, he eventually found himself carving around mountain roads and never looking back. In contrast, Ken honed his skills in the parking lot of Irwindale Speedway, where he got his start sliding around the AE86 Corolla. In time, sponsors began to take notice of his ability, which led him to where he is today.

Round 6 of Formula Drift put those skills to the test at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Tony Angelo fell victim to mechanical issues in the Round of 32, as a failed power steering belt put his car into the wall. Similarly, Ken’s GReddy Racing FR-S caught fire due to an oil leak, although the team was able to make repairs before any major damage occurred. Meanwhile, Aasbo rode some of the most consistent driving he’s done all season to a 2nd place finish, which put him in prime position for a podium spot in the Formula Drift championships!

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