From the Driver – Ken Gushi mods his personal Scion FR-S 15 January 2013, 11:00 am

The following is a post from Scion Racing driver Ken Gushi. Throughout the year, he’ll be providing periodic updates on what he’s been up to and the modifications he has in store for his own personal Scion FR-S.

During the Formula Drift season, I arrive at the track ready to do battle in the GReddy Racing Scion FR-S. Of course, the car is packed up in its trailer until its time to start drifting, so what actually takes me to the track is what you can call my daily warrior – my personal Firestorm Red Scion FR-S. It’s one of my two daily cars, along with a 2013 Scion iQ, and both cars are easy to drive and are enjoyable. But I gotta tell you, my FR-S is one hell of a street car. Everything about it, from the appearance and drivability to the feel and the sound, gets me excited.

Since I compete as part of the GReddy Racing Team, it only made sense to install some of their products in my very own FR-S. The first thing I added was the GReddy Info-Meter, which is essentially an engine parameter monitoring system that simply hooks up to the OBDII port. Those factory needles in your instrument cluster can only tell you so much. With the Info-Meter, I’m able to read actual numbers and monitor the health and condition of the engine.

From there, it didn’t take long until I installed KW V3 coilovers. Cornering in the car was already excellent, but the new coilovers took that ability even further by reducing roll and tightening up suspension strokes on all four corners. It also gave me the ability to lower the car. Remember, I like driving fast, but I also like driving fast with style. With that said, I bought Volk Racing TE37SL Black Edition wheels to compliment the lowered stance.

The next two additions to the car were also GReddy products. First, the GReddy Evo3 cat-back exhaust system, and secondly, their intake system. The two products help the engine “breathe” and improve air flow through the motor. Not only did it increase the power, it also gave the direct-injection boxer motor a nice rumble.

Since the debut of the FR-S/86 twins, I’ve been a fan of the Japanese and European spec headlights. So, I asked my friend (who also happened to be the chief engineer of the car) Mr. Tetsuya Tada if he could help me out with some J-spec headlights. A month or two later, they were on my car. He also sent me a nice gift from TRD called the door stabilizer system, which replaces the factory door locking mechanism with a tightening locking system to stiffen up the chassis.

So far, this is my current “mod-list,” and I have big plans for 2013. The body is still factory and I plan on keeping it that way for a while, since I’m in love with the factory body lines. I get really excited every time I have the chance to take the car around. I hope everyone has a chance to experience this addiction I have with modifying and personalizing my Scion FR-S, who I call Marilyn.

Did I mention a GReddy turbo this year? I think so.

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  • Paul Binder Jr

    I know this article is old, but I just got my Scion FR-S. Totally new to the car scene. Nice read and helps give me ideas for future mods with my own car

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