Highlights from Ken Gushi’s Reddit AMA 26 March 2013, 11:30 am

GReddy Racing driver Ken Gushi took to Reddit last week to host an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on the social news site. During the hour he was on the site, he discussed everything from his thoughts on the FR-S, to his former Scion Racing teammate Tanner Foust, to (oddly) duck-sized horses, and horse-sized ducks.

You can head over to Reddit to check out Ken’s full AMA, but we’ve highlighted a few of the best questions and answers below.

Question: Is it true that your dad taught u to drift in an ae86 and if so what’s the first major thing he taught you drift wise?

Ken Gushi: Yup! My first drift experience was in my old man’s AE86. He taught me “don’t lift” and to never be scared of the car. I still live by his words.

Q: What is your favorite drift track and why?

KG: It was Las Vegas simply because the track layout was pretty ballsout and badass. also, I love that city. Driving on that track at night with the strip in the background was like playing a video game.

Q: Hi Ken! Would you ever go V8 since a large majority of the top 10 from 2012 were all running V8?

KG: Probably not. For the same reason you pointed out. A large majority now runs V8s. What’s the fun of that? It looks like it helps the driving, but the fans won’t like it if they are hearing NASCAR at a drift race. hahaha. I also personally love the sounds of screaming waste gates

Q: Are there any significant changes in the car this year in comparison to the 2012 car?

KG: Yes we have made changes to areas where we saw needed improvement. One major change is the turbo size. We went up in size for more power to compete against the V8s! Also, the livery will change too. Be on the look out! it will look better than ever!

Q: Hey Ken! What do you suggest to do for young drivers like me who really want to get into the world of drifting?

KG: Get a RWD car, buy a lot of used tires, and practice. Practice practice practice. I cannot stress that enough. Practice and have fun. Those two elements will take you very far. I’m not even joking!

Q: Hi Ken, I’m a long time fan of your drifting and big fan of GReddy. How did the GReddy FRS and Ken Gushi team come to be? Also how is it working with GReddy? Good luck in 2013!

KG: Thank you very much! I have known the Greddy guys for a while now and to be working with them now is such an honor. Scion Racing has always wanted to work with Greddy and with the debut of the FR-S, it was the perfect combo!

Q: I am an active autocrosser and have an FR-S myself. Do you think that in an autocross environment, I should set the car up for completely sticking, or keep it kind of slidey?

KG: For autocross, I like to keep it neutral to where I can force the car sideways if needed, but keep it stuck otherwise. Too stiff of a front, and you push. Vice versa, and you oversteer. For me personally, I like a tad but of understeer, but with the ability to oversteer on demand. Tire choice is important too!

Q: Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses, or 1 horse-sized duck?

KG: Wow. Hahahaha 100 duck sized horses. Just run through.

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