Final Offseason Updates on the TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S 05 April 2013, 12:26 pm

There’s just over one week until Formula Drift returns for 2013, which means that Tony Angelo and his team have been scrambling to put the finishing touches on the TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S. The last time we checked in on Tony, the car’s roll cage had just been completed, and they were about to begin swapping the 2AZ from his old tC into the new FR-S.

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The Scion FR-S is markedly smaller than the old TAngelo Racing Scion tC, which meant that Tony and his team couldn’t simply drop the engine and transmission straight into the new car. Rather, they had to spend valuable time fabricating new mounts to get the motor properly situated in the FR-S.

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A custom intake and headers were fitted to the 2AZ to account for the different size/shape of the FR-S engine bay and make it easier for the car to breathe. During this process, the turbocharger was also thrown back into the car to give it the boost it needs for competition in Formula Drift.

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The turbocharger feeding the engine is an oil and water cooled Garrett GTX3582. Combined with all of the other mods to the TAngelo Racing FR-S’ powertrain, the car should be churning out upwards of 700 horsepower at the wheels by the time it makes its way to Long Beach.

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The team’s employing a blowoff valve by HKS to relieve the pressure built up from the installed Garrett Turbo. Aside from giving the car that distinctive BOV hiss, it’ll also reduce wear on both the engine and the turbo to help keep things running reliably through the entire season.

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Condensing an entire FD build into less than 3 months of work required a number of long nights in the garage, complemented with the right kind of fuel to keep everyone on the team things going.

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In fact, each aspect of the TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S build was broken up into separate projects, each with a strict deadline for completion.

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As Tony would be the one behind the wheel of the car, part of his responsibilities included the difficult task of making sure the Recaro bucket seats were sufficiently comfortable. As one could probably guess from the picture, it seems that he’s already made himself at home in them.

_DSC4968 (Large)

Because the Scion FR-S is a pretty capable car in its stock form, that gave the TAngelo Racing crew the luxury of leaving more than a handful of its factory components intact. However, the demanding tracks of FD did necessitate an entirely new suspension setup.

_DSC5283 (Large)

The team went with an entirely bolt-on setup that came courtesy of Stance Suspension. The bolt-on route was purposely chosen as it helped keep the build of the car relatively simple, while also making the suspension relatively easy to replace should it be necessary.

_DSC5068 (Large)

The car’s stopping power comes courtesy of a set of Stoptech/TRD brakes. Given Tony’s aggressive driving style, however, we don’t see him taking advantage of them all too often.

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Despite running a small operation, the team has nearly everything they need to make the car go bolted on and ready for the season. All the body panels still need to be fitted on, and the car wrapped in its new livery, but beyond that the car is just about complete.

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Hankook, the tire sponsor of all of Scion Racing’s drift teams, kindly provided a mountain of rubber that’s ready to be torn to shreds once Tony gets the car on the track.

_DSC6169 (Large)

Tony’s probably looking forward to getting the car fired up as much as anyone, since he’s committed himself to keeping his beard until the TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S build is completed.

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We’re looking forward to seeing the completed TAngelo Racing Scion FR-S on the track in Long Beach for Round 1 of Formula Drift, As always, if you want to keep up with Tony or his team, be sure to check in with us, or with Tony directly at any of the following links:

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