Scion Racing Rally xD Earns Podium at Oregon Trail Rally, Holds onto 2WD Championship Lead 06 May 2013, 11:52 am

Andrew Comrie-Picard Scion Racing Rally xD Rally America Podium

Nothing comes easy in rally, and that was especially true for the Scion Racing Rally xD at this weekend’s Oregon Trail Rally. From the start of Day 1, and right up through the moment Andrew Comrie-Picard and co-driver Jeremy Wimpey crossed the finish line, the car was plagued with issues that threatened to derail their run at the Rally America 2WD Championship.

Scion Racing Rally xD Oregon Trail Rally

The problems first began appearing during Friday’s night stages, when the Scion Racing Rally xD was hit with some relatively minor brake issues, compounded with the relatively major issue of a turbo pipe coming off during their run. Though they were able to get the issues sorted out in time for Day 2, it left them at 5th in the standings going into the ensuing stages.

Scion Racing Rally xD Oregon Trail Rally

Fortunately for the team, Saturday’s stages passed by far more smoothly, without any unforeseen problems turning up. As a result, ACP helped the team climb its way back toward the top of the 2WD class, ultimately finishing the day in 2nd. Though the Scion Racing Rally xD sustained some body damage in the process, it gave the team the huge leg up that they would need on the final day.

Scion Racing Rally xD Rally America

The last stages of the Oregon Trail Rally are long and fast stages that ACP and the Scion Racing Rally xD team looked to take advantage of with their GReddy turbocharged motor. However, a final setback made an untimely appearance in the form of a blown head gasket that nearly threatened to derail the team for good.

Rally xD Oregon Trail Rally

However, hard work put in by the team, combined with some generous assistance from friendly teams and drivers in the Super Production class allowed the Scion Racing Rally xD to finish the race and come away with 3rd Place for the event. With the Oregon Trail Rally in the books, the Scion Racing Rally xD continues to hold on to the lead in the Rally America 2WD Championship Race.

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Next up for the team is the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally on May 31st, followed by a quick detour to Colorado for 91st running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Stop by the Scion Racing Rally xD site for all the latest news and info about the team.


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