Scion Racing Rally xD STPR Recap 06 June 2013, 9:44 am

Scion Racing Rally xD

Given how rough Rally America trails can be on the cars that compete in the series, simply finishing a race can be considered an achievement for most teams. Earning a 2nd place finish after rolling your car during a practice session? That takes something else.

Rally America

Fortunately, something else is exactly what Andrew Comrie-Picard, Jeremy Wimpey, and Rally xD team had in them at the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally. During the practice session on the Wednesday before the race, the team found the Scion Racing Rally xD on its roof thanks to a particularly harsh portion of the course. SPTR has never been particularly kind to the team, knocking out the car’s rear axle at last year’s race, but completely flipping the car over was a first.


Both ACP and Jeremy Wimpey came out of the event unscathed thanks to the sturdy roll cage in the Scion Racing Rally xD, but the repairs that needed to be made to the car meant the team had their work cut out for them. The crew managed to get all of the major ones out of the way that same night, and with their fingers crossed, passed through tech inspection without incident.

Scion Racing Rally xD

The Rally xD got through its first official full day of racing in once piece, which was about all the team could ask for after all that had already been thrown their way.  Overnight, the car received a full re-prep which included new fluids, duct tape, and zip-ties to keep all the parts firmly attached.

Scion Racing Rally xD

Some early penalties from their competitors gave the team an early push into 3rd place on the 2nd day of racing. Their surge into podium contention gave them a little extra motivation to push the Scion Racing Rally xD just a little bit harder, as they looked to hold onto their 2WD Championship lead.

STPR Podium

By the time the dust had cleared, the team had come up huge with a 2nd place victory. ACP and the Scion Racing Rally xD have set some unquestionably high standards based on their performance throughout the year, but the finish was one that they were more than glad to have the chance to earn.

Next up for the team is a return to Colorado for the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – stay tuned!

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