Aasbo Wins Formula Drift Fan Favorite Driver, Papadakis Racing Teams Earns Crew Member of the Year 14 October 2013, 2:26 pm

Fredric Aasbo

2014 was Fredric Aasbo’s best season yet, and he capped it off by taking home the award for Fan Favorite Driver at the Formula Drift year-end banquet on Sunday evening. The award, which was given based on a poll of drifting fans world wide, is a reflection of both Fredric’s hard-charging driving style, as well as his large international fan base grown from his intense battles as a competitor in FD USA, FD Asia, and Gatebil events in Europe.

We’re extremely proud to call Fredric a member of the Scion Racing family, and couldn’t think of anyone else better to fill the driver’s seat of the Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC. Fredric joined the team with extremely large shoes to fill with the departure of former Scion Racing driver Tanner Foust. Though the weight of that pressure would be enough to break many other drivers, Fredric has impressed time and time again with his willinginess to take on even the toughest of challenges and ability to exceed all expectations. We have no doubt that there are even bigger things in store for Fredric’s future, one that’s going to be a blast to watch unfold.

Papadakis Racing

As great of a driver as Fredric is, however, none of it would be possible without the behind the scenes work of the Papadakis Racing team. Shawn Hillier and Aldo Villagran, under the guidance of crew chief and spotter Stephan Papadakis, have turned than Hankook Tire Scion Racing tC into one of the most competitive cars in FD. The engine, which started life as a factory spec 2AR, is now pushing out upwards of 700 horsepower and knocking out V8 powered cars with ease.

Shawn and Aldo have also been an indespensible part of Fredric’s success at the track, keeping the car in top form for every one of its runs throughout the year and cranking out any needed repairs with astouding speed and precision. The crew has proven themselves pivotal to the success of Scion Racing’s drift program time and time again, dating back to their work on Tanner’s Rockstar Scion Racing tC. That the immense time and effort they’ve put in has been recognized has been extremely rewarding for us to see.

Tanner Foust Scion Racing

Finally, we have to congratulate former Scion Racing driver Tanner Foust,  who received an award for earning the highest average qualifying position through the first 10 years of Formula Drift’s existence. His average qualifying position of 4.8, many of which coming in the TRD NASCAR V8 Scion Racing tC prepared by none other than the Papadakis Racing team, remains far and away the highest we’ve seen, and likely will ever see by an FD competitor.

We’ve got a ton of news and content coming to you soon, including a full recap of the FD finals at Irwindale Speedway, the latest episode of Driven 2 Drift, and a review of the 2014 Formula Drift season, so stay tuned!

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