10 Years of Scion – Gushi and Aasbo Drift Sonoma Raceway 10 December 2013, 11:30 am

Scion 10th Anniversary

2013’s been a big year for us, for a lot of different reasons – Andrew Comrie-Picard and the Scion Racing Rally xD team earned 2nd Place in the Rally America 2WD Championship, Robert Stout and the KSR team debuted their much anticipated Loan Mart KSR Scion FR-S, Fredric Aasbo secured his highest finish ever in Formula Drift with the help of the Papadakis Racing team, and perhaps most importantly, 2013 marked the 10 year anniversary of Scion.

Scion 10th Anniversary

To celebrate, Fredric and Ken Gushi joined us for a special event at Sonoma Raceway where we observed not just the last decade of Scion, but also the Toyota sports car heritage that’s still alive in our brand today.

Toyota Supra

Given that, it only seemed right to spend time showcasing some of the cars that have laid the groundwork for Scion Racing, like this modified turbo Supra…

AE86 Hachiroku Levin Trueno

…as well as a pair of AE86s, one a hatchback Trueno sporting a panda paint scheme, and the other a notchback Levin, distinguished by its fixed headlamps.

Lexus LFA

A lone Lexus LFA was spotted hiding out in the paddock, giving a nod to some of Toyota’s more recent performance offerings.

Scion FR-S

It also goes without saying that the Scion FR-S was more than well represented at the event. Green was the theme under the hood of this particular one, though we saw more than enough variety there for anyone to suit any taste.

ken gushi fredric aasbo

Ken and Fredric were on hand to sign a few autographs, shake hands, and pose for pictures, all the usual professional racecar driver stuff. And as long as they were doing pro driver things, we thought they may as well jump behind the wheel and do a little more.

Scion FR-S

A Firestorm red FR-S (much like Ken’s former personal car), and a Whiteout FR-S (not unlike Fredric’s personal car) were ready and waiting to be taken out on the skid pad for some sideways action. Lucky attendees had the chance to ride along as Ken and Fredric got inside the cars and started smoking the tires with tandem donuts.

FR-S Donuts

You’ve seen what the two drivers are capable of doing in purpose built drift cars, but seeing them pull off the same moves in bone-stock street cars made the display that much more impressive.

Scion FR-S Donuts

A small crowd gathered around to watch as the cars filled the air with tire smoke, leaving lines of rubber on the ground. It’s pretty safe to say that everyone came away impressed with the display.

Gushi Aasbo

It wouldn’t have been a Scion event if there weren’t prizes to give away, and a few attendees got to walk out with HPI Racing Scion FR-S RC cars, as well as other assorted memorabilia.

Scion 10th Anniversary

All said, we couldn’t be happier with the way the event turned out, and the show that was put on for everyone in attendance. It’s been a great ten years, and being part of the family through the Scion Racing program has been an amazing experience. With everything that’s happened over the last decade, we can’t wait to see what’s still in store.

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