Driven 2 Drift 2013: Blooper Reel 08 January 2014, 3:46 pm

Ken Gushi

There are the tried and true methods of initiating a drift – clutch kicks, feints, pulling back the handbrake – and then there’s Ken Gushi’s new technique of yelling out, “Aas-BO!” while air-steering his way past a clipping point. We’ll have to wait until next season rolls around to find out for sure, but we think Ken just might be on to something.

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Check out our Driven 2 Drift 2013 blooper reel below to see the Aasbo Initiation™ in action, find out which Scion Racing driver also doubles as the team’s best hula hooper, and watch a Toyota Camry get thrown about as sideways as a front-wheel drive car will get.

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