From the Driver: Ken Gushi’s Personal Scion 10 Series FR-S Updated 22 January 2014, 1:13 pm

Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

Since the last report I’ve written for you guys, I’ve updated my personal Scion FR-S quite a bit. As a matter of fact, it’s not even the same car any more. I actually decided I wanted to be in a 2013 Scion 10 Series FR-S. It didn’t take much convincing to switch from a normal one to a 10 series. The 10 series comes equipped with more features such as smart-key touch-less access, push-to-start ignition, LED daytime running lights, and its own special Silver Ignition color. I was sold on all of those features. So, I decided to strip my red car down to its stock form, taking off the Volk Racing TE37 wheels, KW coilovers, TRD aero fins, and all the GReddy Performance goodies, including the turbo, infometer, and exhaust.

Ken Gushi Personal FR-S

I then took it straight to Longo Scion to trade my beloved red FR-S for a 2013 10 Series FR-S. It did not take me long to start modifying my 10 Series. I basically installed everything that I took off of the red car starting with the GReddy Turbo kit, infometer, exhaust, and so on. Before I could drive it around town, I had to reflash and tune the ECU so I took my car to Evasive Motorsports and had them get the car on the dyno for a fresh tune.

Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

Once dyno tuning was complete, I proceeded to finish installing everything else that was waiting to be installed. TRD Aero fins, TRD door stabilizers, my suspension, wheels, GReddy oil cooler, Personal steering wheel, OEM Audio 400+, and so on.

Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

Upon finishing up installations, I drove the car around town for a few weeks to make sure everything was operating properly. Oil and water temps were looking good through the GReddy Infometer considering I was running a turbo charger. I must admit, the oil cooler helped drop engine temps down drastically. If any of you ever plan on doing any sort of spirited driving, I highly recommend running an oil cooler. These flat 4s run pretty hot!

Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

I wanted to see how my 10 Series would perform on track so I decided to take it to Streets of Willow for some shakedown driving and laps. Counter-clockwise, I was doing about 1:30 with street tires. Right away, I knew some upgrades were in store. The factory brakes did not like me diving into corners late. In fact, on the first lap, my brakes were shot. Part of the reason the brakes went so fast is because I am currently running more power than stock. Roughly 250whp is about 90 more than stock. That much power on a car that weighs a little more than 2800lbs is a huge difference. Otherwise, the car felt great.

Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

I felt every part of the car putting in work to make the driving experience enjoyable. The best part? I drove the car to the track, beat the living crap out of it, and drove it home in one piece. A true enthusiast’s car.


Ken Gushi 10 Series FR-S

Upon returning from Streets of Willow, I changed all my fluids, and the brakes. Stock pads were not going to cut it on track so I picked up WinMax W2 pads and another set of rotors. W2 should be plenty for Sunday track days, and daily use without the obnoxious race pad squeals and brake dust.

My plans for the near future include adjustable suspension arms, new Hankook tires, some kind of aero, and an alignment. Stay tuned for the next report as my car should look completely different again!

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