20 Photos of Scion Racing at Formula Drift Round 5 at Evergreen Speedway 21 July 2014, 11:47 am

Evergreen Speedway has always been one of our favorite tracks on the Formula Drift circuit, and our most recent stop there this last weekend showed exactly why. In one of our most successful events of the year, Tony Angelo and the TAngelo Racing crew finished with a Top 32 appearance, Ken Gushi and the GReddy Racing team matched their season best by earning a spot in the Great 8, while Fredric Aasbo and Papadakis Racing were just one technical gremlin away from a return trip to the finals.

We’ll be bringing you our full recap of the event tomorrow, but until then, check out 20 of our favorite photos from Formula Drift Round 5:

1. Ready to Run
Tony Angelo Seattle

2. Inside Fredric’s Office
Fredric Aasbo Seattle

3. Spitting Smoke
Ken Gushi Seattle

4. The Tire Slayer
Tony Angelo Seattle

5. Wall Ride
Ken Gushi Seattle

6. Proximity
Fredric Aasbo Seattle

7. Opening Ceremonies
Evergreen Speedway

8. Red Top
Tony Angelo FR-S

9. FR-S vs FR-S, 2JZ vs 2JZ
Gushi vs Tuerck

10. Rocket Bunny
Fredric Aasbo Seattle

11. Putting on a Show
Fredric Aasbo Seattle

12. Focus
Ken Gushi

13. Imports vs Domestics
Tony Angelo Vaughn Gittin

14. Game Face
Fredric Aasbo

15. Full Lock
Tony Angelo Seattle

16. Pushing Hard
Aasbo vs Bakchis

17. Kill All Tires
Tony Angelo

18. Getting Closer
Gushi vs Nishida

19. Coming Through the Smoke
Gushi vs Tuerck

20. Family
Gushi Aasbo

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