Scion Racing Rally xD at New England Forest Rally Video 19 August 2014, 11:06 am

Last month, Scion ventured to the Northeast corner of the country for the annual New England Forest Rally. This two day stage rally takes place throughout Western Maine and Northern New Hampshire along challenging and treacherous stretches of dirt and tarmac. As one of the final events of the 2014 Rally America season, driver Matthew Johnson was determined to bring home a win for the Rally xD team. With the Scion xD performing flawlessly and all members of the team fully focused on the podium, they carried a solid lead into the third stage. It was then that a small gear failed in the transmission, costing the team valuable time while making repairs. They battled back, pushing harder then ever. Through the final stages, seconds were shaved closing in on each of their 2 Wheel-Drive competitors. The final result, while not first, is surely seen as a win for the team. Despite all the challenges faced this event, this season, and prior years, the Scion Racing Rally xD team has consistently demonstrated the utmost determination, teamwork, and desire to do better, go faster, and succeed. Great job and congrats to all involved.

Scion Rally xD - New England Forest Rally

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